not sure if i'm a bag snob?

  1. Ok this this the thing, I have always enjoyed fashion period. This would include my love of great bags of course. My issue is that I have two JC's A Black mahala and a Rianne, Lv"s multicolor speedy white, the LV elipse and mini loping bag. YSL Muse bag ivory or white can"t remember what the actual color is. Ok and a few others and have a Prada antic cervo and Ramona on the way. Now this is the thing I bought a Coach Carly saddle and khaki large. I loved the hardware on it and the slouchy it reminds me of the Gucci horsebit which I took back way to big. I just feel weird that i have all these high end bags then a coach. Is that wrong I almost feel like it's a cheap bag $398. i need help from my new friend's. what do you guys think? be honest everyone.
  2. If you choose not to carry it just because of the brand name you might be selling yourself short on a great bag. I am not too familiar with Coach bags these days, but I have seen some recent Legacy bags that are wonderful. I was in Coach with a friend and was struck with how their new styles resemble Mulberry now. Hmmmm, wonder if this is just a coinincidence?

    Now, if you have no desire to carry the bag because they pale in comparison to your gorgeous Mahala and Rianne I fully understand:graucho:
  3. Michelle - sounds like you have a phenomenal collection! And I love that Carly! :tup:IMO, a gorgeous bag is a gorgeous bag, no matter the name brand! I have always loved Coach leather and style (not so much signature) but I recently fell in love with the leather and styles of Chloe and I am now trying out Jimmy Choo. I recently bought and returned a Guccissima Bouvier, a Rafe Sue tote and Be & D Stella because the honest truth was that I did not like the leather on either of the bags I'd gotten. But if I see a Coach with leather I love ... I'm getting it! All the better if it's at the factory store AND on sale!

    Here's my current collection with my well-loved Coach Mia Soho satchel (top left - it has gorgeous pebbled leather and braid strap!) which I regularly rotate in with the rest.

  4. I love the Carly and am very tempted to buy to too. I mix a lot of brands. I just got a Botkier Bianca on sale and while it can't match my Riki in terms of the quality of the leather and hardware, I'm definitely keeping it because its such a fun stylish bag.
  5. Somehow, I understand about being a snob. Before I started to get into my higher end bags, I had a closet filled with Coaches and Dooney's. Once I bonded with my first Chloe, I had a sell-off on eBay. After all, I needed more closet room for my new collection and these bags have "attitude" -- they did not want to sit next to a Coach or a Dooney.:graucho: With that said, I still have yet to find a bag that is more indestructible than a Coach. But do I really want a bag that will always look younger than me?:confused1: