Not sure if i should keep my kooba...

  1. Hi ladies! I have admired the kooba bags for a long time and just made my first purchase from It's a gorgeous bag, the Jessie, beautiful color and I love it. The thing is, the kooba plate inside the bag itself has all these marks, like discolorations or markings in the metal, and I'm surprised to see that on a designer bag. I did research bluefly and they seem reputable, and I'm not sure if i should keep it. I checked online to see if I could simply exchange it, however they are out of the color that I love. I'm wondering if I should return it, I don't want to pay that much money for something that isn't authentic or that I might want to sell later. Any opinions? I appreciate your thoughts!!

  2. Bflogrl........The Jessie style in colors other than ivory is a few seasons old. As is the raisin and bourbon Siennas and Jillians. For some reason it is my conclusion that the brass Kooba plates and zipper pulls may have had some sort of factory defect, or maybe it is just that they are "coated" with some type of shellac type covering.

    Whatever the reason it appears that the metal starts oxidizing underneath the coating. I have returned a bourban Sienna to Neiman Marcus (as have others here) and I have seen the same condition on a Raisn Sienna (although I kept it as it was not too bad) Numerous bags in those styles from that season also have some discoloration to the brass Kooba plate and zipper pull (as evident from some pics of bags sold on eBay)

    I just received my black Jessie from Neiman Marcus last week and it has the same thing. I am hoping down the road when the metal coating wears off that it can be cleaned up with brasso or another cleaner.......even if not, I love the Jessie and I can live with it. It's a beautiful bag. :smile:
  3. True true. It seems to happen to some Koobas and not others....very strange....

    I have bags that are several seasons old (i.e. Lucys) and they're brass plates are in perfect condition. I think I thought I saw some of the Claudias have some issues with their zipper pull (not on an outside plate though, since the real ones don't have plates on the outside - hobos only FYI)....
  4. The one good thing about this kind of discoloration on the Kooba name plate is that it only seems to be a problem on AUTHENTIC Kooba bags. No, it's not particularly appealing, but when it's inside the bag, at least it's not visible when worn.

    First off, ring Bluefly, as they have a constantly changing inventory with bags coming and going, so maybe they'll find a return that would suit you better. If not and you feel the discoloration would bug you incessantly, send it back. Personally it wouldn't bother me at all if it was just the metal plate inside the bag. It doesn't detract from the overall beauty and use of the bag. I have a couple of bags with this same problem, but they're gorgeous bags and I wouldn't be without them.
  5. This oxidation thing doesn't bother me at all. Lends to a Vintage-y feel on some of the bags. I don't think it's a defect. It's just a natural metal reaction. No biggy to me but Brasso it if it bothers you. The Jessie is a Fabulous bag.
  6. Thank you so much for the comments. I absolutely love the bag, and after reading your comments I'm definitely going to keep it. It doesn't bother me that the markings are in the inside of the bag, but I feel way better about keeping it after getting your feedback. It was a big purchase for me, my first designer bag. Thanks again!! :smile:
  7. I agree w/Lexie. I love that 'used but still looks fabulous' look that the oxidation has created. :tup:
  8. Congratulations bflogrl, you made the right decision. I'm sure you're going to love your Jessie as much as we love ours. It's a wonderful bag - so practical and comfortable to wear. We'd love to see pics.
  9. Well, congratulations on that first Kooba, bflogrl, the Jessie is a well-loved bag by so many!
  10. Yes, congratulations! Glad to see you decided to keep your Jessie, it is a wonderful bag.
  11. I agree with you, Lexie. You usually only see it on the distressed bags and the oxidation goes along with the whole idea of being distressed; distressed leather, why not distressed brass? All this time, I thought it was intentional. Regardless, I actually like it - plays into that vintage thing like Lexie says.
  12. Yeah, what Nunnla says...
  13. I bought the same bag from Bluefly. The color is called bourbon and the metal has those same spots. After much debate, I decided to keep the bag. I am so glad I did!! The marks really add to the vintage look and I have gotten tons of compliments on the bag.:tup: