Not sure if I love my new Muse

  1. This came from Bluefly yesterday. Its Large in Dark Olive.
    I love the leather of Muses and all I've seen has nice smooth and shiny leather. But this one has lotsa creases on the front. I know its the natural grains of the hide used and cant be considered as imperfections but its just not as nice? What do you all think?

  2. Oh no! It is sure a unique color!


  3. If you don't love it, don't keep it, always keep what you love :}
  4. Would like to hear some opinions on whether you would mind the leather being like this. Thanks!
  5. I think I'd prefer not having those creases if I had the chioce between two bags, one with these and one without.., but do you mind yourself? They're not that obvious though. I think it's a beautiful color and looks great with the gold hardware. If there's any chance you could change it for another bag (just same style/color) with better leather, maybe that could be a solution? If you are uncomfortable with it and don't love, then return it!
  6. I think it looks great but if you don't love it then you should take it back and get something you do love.
  7. ^^ i agree... however ive never seen a muse with lots of creases like this.. the colour is beautiful though.. but if ull never be happy wiht it then return it
  8. I actually like it this way, it feels special...But if you don't love it, send it back for a new one! You need to love it otherwise it's just gonna sit in your closet
  9. I have never seen a muse with so many creases, either. I have seen the olive color you have and really like it, but remember the texture being smooth and even like this:

    I do think the visible creases would bother me...since I know what other muses look like.
  10. gr8heart, are there any reason to believe that my Muse isnt authentic? It looks quite different from the one you posted.
  11. i just read about a similar case on the prada/miu miu thread, where a gal got a gauffre from Bluefly with markings on the leather as well... coincidence?
  12. Well, other than the leather having those creases or extra texture, the bag looks Ok from a distance. I can see that the lock is positioned where it is supposed to be (about half an inch away from the etched, YSL brand name) and it stands up properly...

    I would give BF a call, especially if others are having the same problem of the leathers being off. Keep us posted!
  13. Thanks for your suggestion gr8heart. I have emailed them asking for an exchange, but I know that this is the last piece, or a discount. Hoping they can give me a good response. Will keep you posted :flowers:
  14. I really like it, the creases wouldn't bother me at all.

    It's probably the sort of thing that although you noticed, other people wouldn't unless you point it out.
  15. It's really pretty, spendalot, and I think the creases are probably just a natural texture in the leather. It all depends on whether it will bother you because I don't think anyone else is going to notice them while you're carrying it. There's nothing about the bag that would worry me about it being fake, though, so I think you can feel OK about that. Let us know what Bluefly says!