Not sure I can pull off Suhali...

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  1. Hello! So I want to get a new bag to go with my new wallet (I'm getting the Alexandra in black MC)! And I absolutely adore the Lockit PM in Suhali leather.... However, I'm 19, and I'm kind of worried that this isn't age appropriate...what do you all think? I'm thinking either Verone (the grey color) or Blue...what do you all think? Do you think I can pull it off? What color do you suggest?

    Also, is Suhali leather durable? Does the color fade/wear off? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. i have the Verone Lockit PM and i love it! it's remarkably durable and because gray is a neutral color it would go with everything

    i got my first Suhali bag last year, and i'm turning 23 in 3 days, so i don't think age would be too much of an issue for you. the Suhali line is so subtle that no one will know what it is until they put their noses to it
  3. ^thanks for your response! I saw your pics and LOVE that bag on you! Is it something you can use everyday?
  4. I agree I think Suhali Lockit are timeless in that anyone can wear one, they are elegant and subtle. They basically take on the tone of your outfit, it is a very classic understated luxury bag.
  5. How is the quality? Is it something you can have for a long time?
  6. Definitely Suhali - it is timeless and gorgeous!
  7. Go for the Suhali!!! I think it's a timeless design and will look good on any age.
  8. I have it in black and I love it ... the blue is so gorgeous as well and more hip color imo ... you should check it out irl!
  9. ^I've seen the Verone IRL and it was TDF! I've never seen the blue though...but I love it from pics! The Verone is such a nice grey, almost reminds me of elephant skin...but the blue is gorgeous, too! ahhhh!
  10. you're 19? Me too. Go for it if you like it. I'm more into MC but I adore Suhali. They're pricey though, that's why I stick with MC.
  11. I think the Suhali line is timeless and classic. It'll pull you through dinners, interviews, dates ..... I find verone easier to match than the blue.
  12. I'm a year older than you and wouldn't mind carrying one either. I think the suhali will look fine regardless of age. I do personally think it's a more dressier bag, but such a classic beauty. I love it the most in black or verone!!
  13. I'm in the market for a good happy summer bag and I was thinking the PM Lockit in the Bleu leather - the structural shape of the bag is classic, but in the blue colour, I'm hoping it will be fresh for a nice summer bag (I don't really like any fabric totes out at the moment...)

    I could definitely build a bit of a Suhali Lockit collection - I'd like it in black, verone and blue, and in the MM size also...ok stop me now!! :p
  14. I like black or the grey. You can pull it off!!
  15. Go for it! The Lockit is definitely on my must get list :yes: Verone is more universal(easy to dress with), yet blue make the gold hardware pop out more. It's super easy to care for, not as fragile as lambskin, yet it's softer than caviar. All LV come with 1 yr warranty for craftmenship, so if the color fades/rub off in one year, LV should repair it for you :yes: