Not sure how to deal...

  1. As a personal choice, I have reverted myself to Islam. ( and I am happy with my choice!)

    I have been raised CATHOLIC FOR MORE THAN 18 YEARS and my problem is that I haven't yet told my dad.

    I don't live with him, but ever since I moved back into town, he's been bugging me to attend church EVERY Sunday with him. He kinda knows that I already dislike going to church bc of the people...but thats not the only reason. ( I'll get into my reasons later)

    Every week he text messages me, saying things like " Do what you want, play as u like, sleep as much as wish, but I want to see u at church."


    Has anyone ever had to deal witha nything kinda like this?

    What do you think is the best thing to do?


    I would love to add, how some people are so ignorant now days. I told 1 of my dear friends about how I chose to be Muslim, and automaticly, he said , " What ? IRAQI'S?"

    :yucky: Enough said. Some people are really...uneducated. Not only are "iraq's" Muslim, but there are PLENTY of Asian countries too!!!!

  2. hello, If you dont mind me asking, why did you turn muslim ?
  3. Why. Because Islam religion makes WAY more sense to me than Catholism did.

    As a child I have always been questioning Catholism. And now that I am a lil older, I found that Islam makes WAYYY more sense.

    But, even before I found interest in Islam, I already had became distant with the Catholic church. The people, the PRIEST, just everything didn't feel right. Feels like people don't attend church for the right reasons anymore. Maybe is it just me, or just MY own church ,It's like a weekly Fashion show, gossip central, and ..BS.

    May I also add, I do not want to offend anyone whos Catholic or whatever, this is MO, and my personal choice.
  4. I think he just wants the best for you and he doesn't want to lose you. It may not be what you want but he's just voicing out his concern. You'll always be his child and he will always love you no matter what. I am Catholic but I'm not very religious and I don't go to Church and stuff. It doesn't mean I don't believe in the teachings and stuff. A lot of Catholics (and people of other religions) do not practice their faith religiously like others do. I don't go to Church because I don't feel like I'm getting anything out of it really. If I force myself to go, my heart is not there....would God want that? That's why I don't go to Church regularly.
  5. I totally see your POV.

    I mean you're old enough to make your own decisions... and it takes a while for family to accept it... :sad:
  6. I agree with you, not everyone who goest o church EVERY single Sunday is perfect. I still pray to God daily and keep him apart of me and also in everything that i do!

    The hard part is I dont know how to explain this to my dad. He's gona think I'm nuts. He believes that putting me in Sunday school and letting me attend church all my life has made this a Good person, yes true, possibly, but now that I have a mind of my own and old enought o choose what I want to do, I have NO idea how to explain this to him!

    I dont even think I want to get married in a church either....

  7. BUt its even harder when they're traditional. :shrugs:
  8. Have you formally converted to Islam? Do you follow all the teachings? Haven't your parents noticed you praying and/or not eating certain foods, fasting during Ramadan, etc.?
  9. I think you should be honest with your Dad and tell him of your change in beliefs.

    Although, you are right when you say that people are uneducated regarding different religions. I just had a class about religions last semester and I think you should approach your Dad with facts and information to back up your choice.

    Not many people realize that Catholisim, Judism, and Muslim all believe in the SAME God. In fact the Torah, is the "old testement" in Catholisim....the same one!!! These people just have a different name for God the same way that differnt countries have a different name for other things. Example....bathroom in USA is called loo in UK. I think that you should approach your Dad with this kind of information when you tell him of your choice. List all of the similarities in the religions to help him to see that you still believe in the same God, just differently.

    Also, just as a side note....that is how the protestants came to be. They believe in everything catholics do.....just that way back when the protestant revolution started, catholics were doing a lot of things that this certain group of people didn't like, i.e, selling "indulgences" that would free you from sin, priests going their whole lives in charge of a church, but yet never setting foot in the county that it was in, and other similar things they disagreed with. I think once you educated him to all of this it will make it easier for him to accept your choice. I wish you luck in dealing with all of this.

  10. I don't necesarily call it "convert"...I called it Revert .

    I have recently moved back home to my moms. My dad doesn't live with us. And my mom isnt around taht often to see or hear anything I do.

    And, I do not eat Pork anymore, I haven't reached to experience Ramadan yet. You can bsicly say that I can a newbie. I am doing alot of reading still. :upsidedown:
  11. I think that your dad should support you in whatever you want to do. If the church is important to him and Islam is important to you, maybe you could take him to meet some more Islamic people in the Islamic house of God. I think that this may change how he feels about religion, afterall we are all matter what religion we are.
  12. Very nice. I actually am starting to do a little "project" for him. Listing out pros and cons kind of thing. Just like u said, explain to him the similaries. It IS all the same God, it's just I don't pray to a statue kind-of-thing! :yes: I plan to EMAIL it to him since I'm better with explaining myself thru writing rather than acutal face to face.

    Thank you
  13. Ramadan begins on September 23ish in the evening. Will you be fasting?
  14. Yes I will. If I don't, does that mean I am not considered worthy?

  15. Well, I understand about being better at expressing yourself through words.....but, perhaps you could bring your information to him and have him read it while your there. If you send it in an email, he may feel that your "already doing things differently" kwim?? He also may feel detached from you and that may hinder the point you want to get across. I know it would be harder to do it in person, but I think if you really want him to respect your decsion then you should do it in person.