Not sure about my purchase , help! lol

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  1. Hi gals and guys ! :smile:. Ok so I just purchased the Alma bb in Epi Carmine a few days ago. I did an online order. I loved her when I tried her on in the store but for some reason now just think maybe the speedy b 30 in monogram would have been better. I do not own anything Epi and was so happy to make this purchase. Not sure what to do? Any advice would greatly help. Need to make a decision soon because I only have 14 days to return . thanks ! :smile:
  2. Those are 2 very different sizes. Which one suits your lifestyle better? Maybe get an EPI Alma PM?
  3. Epi is a great line. For a long time I've been thinking it suits only older ladies. But then I bought my first epi - Alma BB in fuchsia and I found how carefree is epi leather.
    I am scared of monogram bags because of the vachetta. So epi would be my choice.
    But as was said above ~ they are two different bags, so if you have doubts about epi Alma BB and thinku that mono speedy would be better for you, than probably it is true. When I have doubts, I know that something is wrong and will not work.
    Good luck deciding.
  4. It's about what would work better for your lifestyle. I love sooo many bags but would never carry them so I just love them on others and leave them at the store:smile: If you would enjoy the Speedy more, get it!
  5. i agree it depends what ur looking for those are 2 totally diff sizes.. are u looking for a smaller bag?
  6. Well , i do not really have anything in the bb size so I thought it would be nice to use cross body and such. But when I tried it on cross body the base really sticks out far and I am affraid i may bang it on something :sad:. The strap is to long for me to just shoulder carry because I am only 5'1. So now I feel i guess i would only use it without the strap for special occasions. So i guess that is why I am thinking for around the same price I could exchange it for the speedy b which would get more use.
  7. Do you use your Alma bb cross body alot? I think the base sticks out far and I am worried I may bang it against something :sad:. I am not tall so the shoulder option is out.
  8. Thanks for the reply! Well I have some handheld bags , a clutch , a pochette , and a few shoulder bags. So I feel my collection is pretty rounded. I wanted this to be versatile but I dont think i will be using the strap at all. I would consider the Epi Alma pm but I already have the Alma pm in DE so I would not want another Alma in the pm size. My lifestyle is pretty casual so to many handhelds will not get used.
  9. The alma bb base doesn't stick out that far actually and it's quite light even when it's full so you can hand carry it easily.
    I agree with all the other answers, it depends on how much you usually carry around and whether you intend to use it as an everyday bag or not 😊
  10. Keep the alma BB, you will love it. But then speedy B is a very everyday/practical bag. If you get speedy b, get it in damier ebene.
  11. i would think the speedy b would be more useful + practical as it can be carried several ways handheld, shoulder or crossbody.. i really love mine and im so happy to have it as its my only LV bag currently
  12. I like the Epi Alma BB and feel like I get a lot of use out of it. It's a great bag for a day of running around or evening. I am barely 5 feet tall and I think the length of the cross body strap is fine for me. (see my pics....) I don't use the cross body strap if I carry my bag in the evening. My friend very recently also got this bag in fuchsia and loves it. It's really a great bag!!! Good luck deciding!! ;)


  13. Keep the Alma
  14. Thanks for the pictures!!! Love it on you!!!! I am rethinking my Carmine now :thinking:
  15. Thanks for the reply!!! You think so?? I am now leaning towards keeping it ;)