Not sure about JPG anymore...

  1. I've been having growing doubts concerning the JPG I ordered. I'm not sure I'm going to be crazy in love with Rouge Garance when it comes. I'm thinking about a Rouge Vif or Turquoise bolide with a Rouge Vif bearn (or a red lizard of any kind).

    Also, I'm not sure about the size of the JPG... it fits me, even looks good but it seems like such a huge bag.

    What do you ladies think?
  2. well, The bag is very attractive, I have "tried it on" twice, but the bag is bigger than my torso, so it kind of looked like it was carrying me.:sad:
    Yet everytime I see it on the shelf I want it! Rouge Garance will probably look great in that style. I love the turquoise bolide :P absolutely beautiful! and then add the rouge vif wallet!:love:
  3. i think if the bag comes and you don't LOVE it, just let your SA know and don't get it. it is quite a bit of money to not LOVE your H bags. I'm sure if you end up not getting it, some lucky other person will snatch it up.
  4. Well if I really don't like it, I'll let you ladies know at first.
  5. Perja, I'd wait and see it when it comes. If it doesn't suit you, the thing will sell in minutes on the shelf, and turquoise Bolides are much easier to find. No ordering necessary.
  6. please do....i'd snatch it up.

    thanks in advance
  7. A few weeks back, I posted about meeting a gal my age at Victoria's Secret who had a gorgeous black JPG Birkin bought for her by her brother. She allowed me to hold it, and as beautiful as it was, it was too heavy for me. It costs more than a regular 35 cm Birkin, too, and I think that size bag is the perfect one for everyday use.
  8. Perja
    I am not be entirely qualified to say my piece when I am still waiting for mine (every week I have new stories unfolding, so I figure I can wait awhile longer before I post my adventures with looking for a JPG Birkin) but, I thought I should share with you what I know.

    With regard to colours, it really boils down to personal taste. From my initial infatuation with the JPG (last year), any colour seemed to be alright with me. Then I sighted JPG IRL (black, choc, red) and I grew convinced the JPG can take strong colours. These sentiments were also shared by some of the members here.

    Over time, infatuation has grown to love for the JPG, and I know now that I only want a red (rouge H) or a choc (Ebene). Who knows what new colours may be introduced, but that is for the future to unfold ...

    I am 34 years old, and I wear jeans or pants most of the time. So I know very well that a shoulder Birkin would suit me more than a classic. I can pull it over my shoulders and still have 2 hands to hold both my kids' hands! Yup, I am a mother of 2.

    As for size, I think it's also a matter of getting used to it. I currently use my gold Tod's shoulder tote almost everyday because it's wide & I can stuff some of my children's incidentals into it, if I have to. Or when I have some small shopping items, I can also place them into my Tod's. So to me, it's convenient. My Tod's tote is just about 42 cm, so I know I would not regret over ever getting a JPG. Hope this helps. ;)
  9. i agree w/ the ladies. definitely wait til it comes & if it's not love at first sight, then don't get it. you just have to go w/ your gut. btw, i have one & waited patiently for it to arrive. i heard all the pros & cons beforehand but fell in love immediately. i couldn't take it home fast enough.
  10. hermes_lemming
    Ha ha ha, your comment put a big, silly but satisfied smile on my face. I think like you, I would probably be smiling from ear to ear, in both my consciousness and sub-consciousness. I know for a fact that I would be very pleased and proud of it.

    May I know what is your colour? Pic please?
  11. Can i just add my bit ? when i was away last week a lady in hermes was trying on a jpg and walked away i was over like a shot and tryed it on it was fab and with 3 birkins and 3 kids i would have loved it for portablity but then the lady came straight back over and bought it Boo hoo!!! but i would love one !!!:smile:
  12. Hi Perja, I totally second hermes_lemming. Don't cancel your order now. Wait for the bag to come, see it in person, try it on, then decide whether you love her enough to bring her home! :flowers:

    This was exactly what happened when I wasn't sure about a HAC 32. I heard all the pros & cons. When I finally get to try one in the store, arrows struck my heart left, right & centre!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: LOL! I grabbed & brought her home! My point to see for yourself how the bag looks on YOU! :flowers:
  13. How can you not love JPG? [p.s. just kidding]

    I agree with everyone, wait for the JPG and see for yourself. IMO, JPGs are beautiful and elegant to be carried from day to night.:flowers:
  14. I saw a white one and while I love it, it was really heavy AND I think I must have a mad affair with a Rouge Vif chevre. (Damn you, OT, damn youuuuuuu!!)
  15. After looking at the leather/colour swatch today, I realise I have made a mistake judging the colors by looking at photos alone. The brown that I like is Havane (sp?) and not Ebene. Ebene more like black with a dark choc undertone.

    As for the red, I think Rouge Garance would suit me better, being a fresher red. I think Rouge H looks fabulous in a classic Birkin and Rouge Garance looks better fir a JPG.

    Love to hear what the experts have to say about this.