Not sure about bottom of bronze/old reissue

  1. The new bronze/gold reissue that arrived today is really wrinkled on the bottom. There is also a little bubble in the leather on the bottom also.:nuts: I can't take pics because my daughter has the camera at school with her. I remember a post showing the bottom of a 2.55 and some one was not sure if it was correct. Could someone please direct me to the thread. Not possible to get another Paris has sold out. After all of the waiting, missing bank transfer, now this. Gold bowling sent bach because the metallic finish was coming off. Oh my,:lol: any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Vinyl tote arrived packed perfectly . Not in the original box but a hugh brown box which is very secure. However, there was no air pillow. Ifanyone had an airpillow and will post a picture it would be very helpful. I don't know what to purchase in it's place.
  2. I dont know about the bubble, but the wrinkling is normal on these bags. Some have it and some dont. The ones that dont have it most likely will get it eventually from storage. Its a straight line of wrinkling though. No bubbling.
  3. Thanks Luccibag, I am just sick about that damn bubble. The wrinkles are ok although I was hoping for one without them. Over time it will of course define on the bottom.Oh my, how I wish you could see it. I am so upset I'm just going to eat something that I should not. I mean really eat something it's almost 9:00 here and I will be awake half the night thinking about that bubble.I really hope someone will direct me to that thread.:nuts:
  4. this is the name of the thread I think you are looking for( Wrinkles on the base of Reissue 227 '06???) I don't know how to do that link thing that everybody does.
  5. The thread is by pf member yorelica I found it by searching under (reissues) it is on the 2 page of threads
  6. Yup it was my old reissue that had those problems...
    its not normal. I had it exchanged and now its perfect :smile:
  7. Here is a picture of the air pillow for the tote
  8. toonie,Yorelica,and Michele, thank you so much. Exactly the thread I was looking for. I am just sick about this bag, oh well. Since I don't have the camera with me I will get a Kodak throw away. I will take pictures and have them developed asap and send them tpo my SA. I will not return the bag by mail to Paris because the last bag I returned got lost in the mail for weeks because I sent it regular mail. If she does not desire to wait until I come to Paris I will send it back now. However, to send it will cost about 85 EURO to return it insured which is about $115 OMG! That could be used toward the next bag. Again, thank you so very much . Also,I am sure they threw the air pillow away. I will phone the Europe and U.S. number on the airpillow to try and order one.
  9. what a bummer. I hope it all works out for you:flowers:
  10. mine has a slight wrinkled texture throughout but no bubbles
  11. That's too bad. There definitely shouldn't be any bubbling.
  12. From Paris? WOW you should tell me the details on how did you order a bag from Paris? and what did you pay originally for shipping?

    Btw have you tried to contact your local boutique and ask them to send it back to Paris? I suppose that might work!
  13. Are you that lady who called my friend wanted to return the 2.55 bag due to
    wrinkle on the bottom? LOL....just kidding.

    The bag need to be worn to relax.I think it's not just happend to you.
    But if you not happy you should exchange for the perfect one.
  14. Thanks to all for you kind words. When I saw that long bubble it was like pouring salt in a wound ,after the pelling on the gold bowling.
    Of course, if you would like I will advise you of the details for Paris. Our SA in Paris is the best, she will do everything she can to be helpful. I am sure if there is another bronze gold anywhere see will locate it. However, I will not get my hopes up on getting another one. They sold out in Paris in a matter of days.There are three Chanel's here but none are close to my area. We just love Paris, it is my favorite city in all the world. Our SA and the director at the boutique we use are simply wonderful. I love it when he answers the phone, we always have such wonderful conversations. Christmas in Paris is something everyone should experience , it is so beautiful. The decorations in the shops, on the streets wonderful, and OMG the food. Christmas as well as New Year are out of this world fab. We will go in November ,at Christmas, (we will be there from Dec. 21st to January 2nd .)and will return for the sales in mid January. The sales at Chanel in Paris are to die for. Not only Chanel ,Pucci, (we love PUCCI ) and all of the designers have great sales. Just read the post concerning all of the new 2.55 reissues. I am sure we will never have this problem because I will ask our SA to look very closely before she ships a bag. For the shipping it was 80 EURO because she shipped the vinyl tote and the reissue. The dollar is so weak against this very strong Euro. 85 Euro is about $115. Will let you know if I get another one. SA said she was sending me more cataolgs. I hope of is the custome jewelery. Love the outfit and the hugh Chanel necklace form The Devil Wears Prada. The white shirt and the black sweater with the necklace was simply wonderful. I know exactly where to get that custom made white shirt in Paris. After the two to three fittings required and you put in on, you are sure to think you were born in it. The fit is just that perfect. Considered by most the best custom shirtmaker in all of Europe.

    You guys are just so great. I wish we could get together in Paris. I will be at the apatrment in Paris for about 4 to 6 weeks next summer. If anyone will be in the city during that time just give me a shout!!!!!

    I am by no means the person who phoned your friend!!!!!!!!!
  15. Oh, that's so sad. Can you get your SA in Florida to help you get one from the US?

    I would like to see the pictures of the "bubble" on the bottom of the purse.