Not supposed to talk about SO's in public? Mini Rant.

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  1. But it's common for a company to create competition amongst their stores in order to spur on sales. Being owned by the same company does not guarantee nor require individual stores to like each other, cooperate with each other, or even operate similar to each other. I can name two stores owned by Hermes who operate like they are owned by two different companies and have drastically different attitudes about the whole Birkin buying/ordering operation. Knowing that now, I am more careful about what I say to SAs in different stores because I never know how that store operates, what kind of attitude they have about my home store, and how they handle customers who are not regulars. Pussyfooting, yes, but I try not to invite rudeness or retaliation when I can avoid it.

    Onederland, I'm sorry you experienced this, all for a look at the danged leather book! Glad you were able to place the order in spite of this, and hope for a quick arrival of your bag!
  2. I think with 2 transactions with that store, the OP can be classified as a customer of that particular store. So, to deny her the chance and opportunity to look at the leather book is not very fair.

    I do agree with TammyD though - that perhaps sometimes discretion is best, even with SAs. H does bring out the devil in a lot of people, including SAs.

    I'm sorry you had to encounter this, Onederland - but congrats on your SO! :biggrin:
  3. I didn't know that the leather books were kept away guarded like diamonds! No wonder when I simply asked to see it in SCP a few months ago, a SA told me that they didn't have one at the moment due to it being updated. I actually believed her because she was so nice and quite pretty I must add.
  4. totally agreed on the point what addicts will do. even though in sg the walking distance is like 10-15mins to each store or to the extend of asking friends, relatives in other countries to help..

    it's not the the method but the end result :graucho:that matters.
  5. H stores are weird about this. I don't live anywhere near a store so I usually visit various ones while traveling. At one I walked in for the first time, was greeted by a terrific SA, looked around a bit, showed him the list of scarves I was looking for, looked at some bags, he asked if there was something specific I was looking for and could he write down my preferences for the future, I looked at the leather book, bought a few small things, and left. A totally enjoyable experience and if that particular boutique wasn't thousands of miles away from where I live it would be my home store. But I'm a tactile/visual person so I like to look and touch before I buy.

    Another H store that I have shopped at several times as it is nearer my home town is snooty everytime I go in. I asked once if it is possible to request a bag (nothing special, no Birkin or Kelly, not bi/tri-colored) in a particular color and was told flat out, "we don't do special orders for leather products."

    Um, ooooh-kay.

    Half the time I just want to say "drop the 'tude, do you want my money or not?", but as my dad always said, you get more flies with honey than vinegar so I try to play nice.
  6. H stores are working against each other ! each store is judged by its own performance and thus is alotted merchandise (quota). thus no wonder !
    please keep that in mind h works differently as other coporate fashion companys!
  7. :roflmfao:
  8. ^^^
  9. ^ very true and understandable too.
  10. (Lilach)
    I didn't know that - it's all the more reason for me to stick with the King of Prussia store. The SA'S are always so nice and helpful and they never play the games that the SA'S in some other stores do.
  11. Unbelievable! At Madison the leather book is usually out lying on the table in front of where the bags are, anyone can take a look at it.
  12. yes--at certain stores its just sitting out. at others no
  13. Has anyone ever seen it at the San Diego store?
  14. I've been turned down for the same reason, and it was totally legit. They know me pretty well in my store, and they asked me to please come back in a week. Maybe she wasn't fibbing?
  15. I believed "the updated leatherbook" situation and it could be true. And then after I read this thread and posts yesterday it got me thinking could this be?? It seems like other tpfers have had problems being shown the leatherbook so I'm really not so sure what to believe. At the time this particular SA seemed so nice so I took her word for it. But now reading these thread/posts it has me thinking hmmmm.....