Not supposed to talk about SO's in public? Mini Rant.

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  1. Truer words were never spoken. Thanks India.
  2. i will tell you, Madison is famous for leading people on..........your order may in fact be taken and not be placed. not saying this is what is going to happen to you but its happened to me and others i know
  3. ^^ really? That sucks!!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:
  4. Too much pussyfooting! and snootiness for me!
  5. While I agree that an SO made by one store should not be frowned on by another I disagree about the leather book.

    The leather book is there for the use of the customers of that particular store. I am surprised that someone would presume to use the leather book of one store to place an order with another. It's akin to test driving a car at one dealership and ordering from another.

    At best, if the SA at Madison had expected you to make leather choices from out of town she should have phoned ahead to your local store to request an appointment with the SM for you to see their leather book.
  6. :yahoo:

    Preach it, Sister.
  7. the "psychology" of Hermes and "Birkin Madness" is one for the history books...................
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    Last edited: Jul 12, 2009
    ^that's true. at this point everything is a toss up, so i'm just keeping my fingers crossed. i mean, the worst that can happen is that it doesn't get placed. will i be let down? yes, but then i'll just be where i was before. not a life and death situation, just disappointing. :/

    but i guess overall the point is, the attitude at this store was kilter. not the most rude experience i've ever had, i've had A LOT worse, like down right in your face rude. this was just awkward.
  9. That's awful!
  10. I actually agree with Handybags.

    With due respect, I'm not sure why one needs to tell a store that he/she's been offered an SO by another store just to to see this store's leatherbook. It can be taken the wrong way ie. bragging that he/she's a VIP at another Hermes store. I'm not saying that it is right for the store to treat you like that, I'm just saying that the way Hermes works is such that since SOs are offered pretty exclusively, that's the presumption.

    The Hermes store I frequent is far, faraway from where I live. When I'm offered an SO or something special I've not seen before, I actually consult a couple of trusted friends first, then come to this forum to see if I can find out anything. I do go to the store nearby to explore. But I don't state my purpose. I just ask politely if I can see the leather book/new leather swatches etc. More often than not, the SAs are willing to comply.

    I am happy for you that you're definitely a special customer at the store that offered you the SO. But I do find that Hermes brings out the devil in a lot of people, even amongst friends. The trick is to be as discreet as possible. I hope you find the perfect bag! :smile:

  11. thank you! :smile:

    and i agree with you in a way, and i do think that it was rude of me to say that i was offered a SO, and i should have been more discreet about it, and this isn't an excuse to why i did, but rather an explanation (if that makes any sense?). I just mentioned i was offered an SO cause i was afraid that the store wouldn't let me see their book at all, just like the second store did, so i guess i mentioned it as a pre-emptive strike, you know what i mean? I didn't mean to mention it to say that I was important, cause i know i'm not compared to some people, there are people who have spent a LOT more than i have, and have yet to get this chance. I know i don't deserve this opprotunity, but i'm incredibly grateful and lucky that it did present itself, and since it's here, i want to take advantage of it.

    i searched and scoured this forum for a week, looking at all the different leathers and colors, asked my friends for opinions on colors and whatnot, and i could've called SA's and talked to them on the phone about leathers, but like i said, when it came down to the very end, seeing and hearing about leathers isn't the same as touching and holding them, sort of like sex. LOL. "You can talk about it all you want, but it's not the same as experiencing it."
  13. I don't think the car analogy works - that would be two competing dealerships and almost all Hees stores are owned by Hermes.

    And in fact, I have test driven a car at one dealership and ended up buying at another. In one instance, the first dealership didn't have the color I wanted coming in their first shipment (new model), and in the 2nd, I was offered a far better price at the 2nd dealership. Business is business.
  14. I forgot to also mention that I have asked to see the leather book at just about every boutique I've shopped in. No one has ever refused or acted as if it was a faux pas to do so. The leather book is not just about special orders - it is there to help the customer decide what she is looking for.
  15. Onederland, sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. I hope everything else goes smooth for you at the H store from now on.