Not supposed to talk about SO's in public? Mini Rant.

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  1. Just a little story to tell you all...

    So I've been traveling up and down the coast of SoCal trying to get a glimpse of the leather books, as when i place my SO, i have to be 110% sure of what i want. Seeing the leathers online is one thing, but feeling them is another. One store was super sweet, but they didn't have the leather book on them. When i told them i wanted to touch it for an upcoming SO, they got really excited and congratulated me and kept on saying "you should do this color! oh and this color! or maybe this with this!"

    the next store, wasn't so nice. i didn't even mention it was for a SO, but when i asked to see the leather book she said, "The leather book is only shown when placing orders, and we're not accepting any orders right now." So i took her snootiness and left.

    the third store, i walked in a talked to my normal SA, and by normal i've seen her about 2 times ever. I mentioned I was able to place a SO via Madison. She flipped out, and gave me this look of "how the hell did you get your hands on an SO." and instead of wishing me luck and being happy for me, she was just in disbelief, saying "tell me who! they're going to get in so much trouble! wait, don't tell me cause i will go and do something bad." even so, i wouldn't have given her my other SA's name. it's not right, and especially not after the way she reacted. she did say that it was really nice of them to let me do that, but pretty much insinuating that "you shouldn't get offered a SO anyways." which i understand, i'm not Victoria Beckham or anything, and i'm not even to the likes of many of you TPFers here. But then another SA overheard and came by and was slightly condescening in her tone as well, and giving her opinion which wasn't really welcomed but whatever. Anyways, my SA then told me to not mention that i got a SO cause "they arn't supposed to talk about it."

    I know SO's are well, special for a reason. Not just because they're custom, but because to get invited to order one is kind of a toss up as well.

    A part of me thinks that my SA here thinks that i just walked into Madision, and some random SA offered me a SO, without knowing me. Thinking that people will fly to NY and just ask to place an SO, that this SA was just offering SO's willy nilly. What she doesn't know, is that I've been working with this particular SA from Madison for over a year now, getting things shipped in from NY. I just happen to be in NY every summer, and thus i go by and visit her in person when i get the chance, and this is when she offered me the SO.

    Eitherway, i don't think it shouldn't matter how i got the offer. And to tell me in disbelief that i got it was kind of insulting to be frank.

    Thank you for letting me rant a little bit. :smile:
  2. Thats not nice of the SA's to speak to you like that, they seem very rude, best avoided in future.
    Regarding your SO.

    I think its fine to talk about SO's, your friends SO's, a SO you saw on TV/MAG/internet, I would just avoid talking about YOUR OWN SO until it is safely in your hands.:supacool:
  3. i definitely know what colors and leathers i want now, so i no need to talk to any other H people about it. hahaha.

    but totally good advice. i would've just asked to look at the leather book, but i was afraid the same thing would happen at the third store that happened at the second one, where they wouldn't even show me the book unless i told them i was placing an order. you know what i mean?
  4. I understand you, sometimes the SA treat the leather look like it is the holy grail. You could be looking at the leather book for any reason - (ie you just want to know more about the history of H, Hermes will not deny you an education:smartass:), I would find out if the store has the leather book and if they have they cannot deny you a looksy :graucho:
  5. "I happen to be in NY every summer, and thus I go by and visit her in person when I get the chance, and this is when she offered me the SO".

    Why didn't you look at the leather book at Madison when you were there?.......when she offered you the SO?

    I don't know what the SA said, the manner, I was not there to (LOL) listen in, but from their perspective, it would seem odd for a client to walk into a different store (IMHO) and say......I have been offered a SO at another store, but I need to use your leather books to build it, they did not show me their books. I would feel very uncomfortable about the reception if I walked into any store with that request.
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    i looked at the books while i was in NY but very briefly. I didn't see my SA until my last day in NY, right before closing when she brought it up. I had tickets to the ballet at 8, so you can imagine the store closes at 6, and i have to get ready and go to dinner before the ballet so it doesn't leave a lot of time to look at leathers! Haha.

    My SA also told me to think about it for a couple weeks, but like i said i can't get a real feel for the leathers just by seeing a flipped in front of me for 20 minutes (which is not enough time to make a decision, haha, especially a big one like this!) and without the book actually in my hand.

    Yes it would've been weird to go into another store and ask for leathers, and i totally get what you're saying. but I explained that since i live in california, i can't really fly back to NY just to look at leathers. That'd just be ridiculous. haha
  7. I think this has more to do with the store in question than Hermes in general. I have an SO I am waiting on and my other H store know about it and are excited to see it
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    Many people click with SAs out of state and work with them but I would do the whole process with that store. I would not get the SO and then go into another store and ask to see the leather. The stores are always looking for resellers in CA and what you are doing is not typical, asking to look at the leather book for an order placed across country. I could see where they would think that very odd esp. when the SA has only has a very limited relationship with you (2 transactions). I think any store in the US, would be odd.
  9. We are talking about the same company here, aren't we? For heavens sake! We're not "assigned" stores like the Catholic church used to assign people to a specific parish many years ago. The leather book is there for customers to use to decide what they want, and a SO made by one store should not be frowned on by another. Incredibly rude SA's.

    I'm so tired of all this pussyfooting around that some SA's seem to think is their due. They are in the business of serving US, the customer, and it makes me see red when they appear to forget that.

  10. LOL, I agree with you India.
    the H protocol wears me out, however I am really thankful that I have found a great SA, who has never met me in real life, but has great intuition of my likes and dislikes.
    i am incredibly impatient when it comes to H, however I have learnt to wait until she is back from holidays etc, just so I can deal with her, because she actually listens to my endless ramblings :biggrin:
    But, I dont see why one store should ever be so offended that you are also dealing with another store.
    I think this behaviour is pretty rare, especially if you make your intentions clear from the very start.
  11. Sales in any sector can be very competitive. Although it is a poor assumption on their part that we'd only shop with one SA at one location. :roflmfao: Addicts would do whatever it takes to get what they want.

    I wouldn't dare to go in and ask for the leather book. I probably would've just asked the SA if they have a bag in the skin that I want to look at.

    It totally makes sense for someone in the west coast to make purchases in the east coast. Because I did! As far as I am concerned, there is too few boutiques in the west coast to accommodate the demand.
  12. In these evil economic times, every SA should be grateful when a customer shows interest in anything. I wonder what color the sky is where some of them wake up in the morning?

  13. BRAVO india! i totally agree with u! and thsi is my 1st time in mylife to see the word 'pussyfooting' hauhauahuahuahu i find it hilarious!! you go girl!

  14. I totally agree with this. I couldn't have said it better.
  15. A new word to learn, 'pussyfooting'.:P There's a music album called, "No Pussyfooting" by British musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno and a song titled, "No Pussyfooting" by M Garcia/Tohu Bohus: