Not supposed to carry flap during the day, too big for night, uh, when do I carry it?

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  1. The question is more or less rhetorical but I keep reading other posts where people say the jumbo flap is too "blingy" for every day/daytime use and then others say, "Well it's too big for evening."

    Uh, when exactly are you supposed to carry the bag then?! My thought is, it is a bag that I love that I paid good money for. I will wear it with what I feel looks great and when I want to wear it. I wouldn't wear it out to a cocktail/black tie event but I just about everything else is fair game.

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. Really? I thought majority opinion around here is that the jumbo is a perfect day bag because it is bigger. Some think the medium is more of an evening bag because it is smaller.

    I say wear it whenever you want. It's yours to enjoy.
  3. i agree. sometimes i even wear mine to work with my scrubs!!!! i don't care how over-dressed it looks.
  4. I own several jumbos and I to heck w/ the idea that its too big for night or too this or too that.

    The only place i would not carry it is to a formal really fancy event. Everywhere else is fair game.

    If you love the bag--wear it. its a beauty and you can do whatever you want :tup:
  5. Huh.... I don't own a Jumbo, but from what I read here, Jumbo flap is a perfect day bag if you like bigger bag...
  6. I've seen people carrying jumbos during the day. I don't think it is too flashy for daytime.
  7. I wear it during the day and at night. I think it is fine for cocktails, dinner, evening out. I would not wear it with an evening gown or to a formal event.
  8. From the pictures in the "Your Chanel in Action" thread, many tpf-ers wear them during the day and they look fantastic. :smile:
  9. whatever you want is the way I feel about it. Chanel looks damn good all day, everyday to me.
  10. Imo, the jumbo is a good day bag. I take it shopping. I prefer taking a medium when we're going out to a dressier restaurant, and will not hesitate to carry a medium shopping, too. It just depends on mood, outfit, and amount being carried in the bag. For me, medium is a lighter bag to carry and yes, it fits a dressier evening use better than a jumbo. (There is no hard and fast rule that one HAS to follow.)

    When I first read the question, the temptation was to say a jumbo gets carried in that very, brief interim between day and night.
  11. There is absolutely nothing blingey about the jumbo classic flap. At least,not with silver hardware. Mine is currently my favourite day bag since it survives rain with aplomb.

    Hell,I even wear my black 226 reissue during the day. Don't let other people tell you when to wear your bags!!
  12. My thinking is that it is pretty much only a day bag. Just bit too big for evening.

  13. I agree:tup:
  14. I think its a perfect everyday bag!
  15. I carry mine to work and shopping..I think just carry it when you feel like it except for fancy, night time events of course.

    I'm planning to use my patent reissue 227 for work too or whenever I feel like it! haha