Not sounding in the store


Sep 1, 2006
Candace, every SA I've ever spoken with pronounces the Hermes names/pieces in a different way....and I'm too ignorant to know the difference.

I wouldn't worry about's your attitude that counts, not what you call it....:smile:

Gives one a little more confidence, tho, to at least have a working knowledge, doesn't it?


Mar 25, 2006
DQ, HG ... you both are too funny :roflmfao:

The more senior SAs at my store will pronouce it properly (or so I think since I don't know better), but I could never catch it well. The younger ones will just say "hawk" and I swear I even heard one say "H" "A" "C".


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
Haut Ā Courroie is the correct spelling (note the accented a).

I came across knowing a bit about how to pronounce HAC when I was in Paris. A very nice SA (darn it I forgot to ask for her name!) from the George V store wrote the name down on a piece of card so I could pull it out and show the other stores if they don't understand what I was asking for.

Haut is pronounced as "ou". The H is silent in French (and the t in Haut is connected to the following vowel, Ā - this convention is called Liaison, so pronounced as ta) and then Courroie is similar to "kouwa". Ou ta kouwa. Pretty straight forward.

What it means is a high/tall bag (Haut), with (Ā) strap/handles (Courroie).

They don't call it by the initials (HAC). At first the SA didn't have a clue what I was asking for until I described it to her as a square shaped Birkin look-alike.