Not sounding in the store


Hermes Convert
Sep 13, 2006
If I am interested in HAC how do I refer to this bag in the store? Do I call it "HAC" or by its full name? Same with the jpg, do i call it "JPG" or "shoulder birkin"

Help . . . I am a blonde named Candy

See i am a blonde . . . the title should read "not sounding stupid in the store"
oh yeah, I was thinking of this as well.. hmmm... well maybe next time, i will just hand-write it and give it to the SA so they know what I am talking about.. hehehe...
When I asked for one, I asid, "I am sorry, my French is terrible, but I was looking for a 'hou-oo-courua' bag"
:shame: (hahaha):lol: and the SA knew what I meant!
Was funny tough!:s