Not sounding in the store

  1. If I am interested in HAC how do I refer to this bag in the store? Do I call it "HAC" or by its full name? Same with the jpg, do i call it "JPG" or "shoulder birkin"

    Help . . . I am a blonde named Candy

    See i am a blonde . . . the title should read "not sounding stupid in the store"
  2. my SA pronounces it as "o to cu-a"...something like that....C, you're too funny!
  3. That's hilarious! I just say 32cm - lol!!!
  4. oh yeah, I was thinking of this as well.. hmmm... well maybe next time, i will just hand-write it and give it to the SA so they know what I am talking about.. hehehe...
  5. Candace LOL! I think somewhere in our pronounciation guide it says
    "oat-oh-kwah" or something similar for the HAC.
  6. candace your post is really funny!!!

    I would say HAC 32cm..
  7. When I asked for one, I asid, "I am sorry, my French is terrible, but I was looking for a 'hou-oo-courua' bag"
    :shame: (hahaha):lol: and the SA knew what I meant!
    Was funny tough!:s
  8. that's OK, sandy -- just put some white-out over it and type it again. :p (as in: how can you tell a blonde's been using your computer? there's white-out on the screen.)
  9. Don't worry about it - I've never come across a SA who can pronounce it correctly either. They'll know what you're talking about!:smile:
  10. hehe! The manager at my store called it the oat-oh-kwah. :smile:
    I'd call the JPG the Shoulder Birkin.
  11. OMG Candace!! You are too funny!!!

    (I decided never to carry a HAC so I wouldn't have to learn how to say it!)
  12. a french friend says it almost like that, but with a silent "t": "oh -a- kwah"
  13. I have black hair, so how do I explain my typos?
  14. great minds have little time for petty detales, i mean details?
  15. you guys are funny . . . you make me feel better about being blonde and my parents naming like a stipper