Not so sure now.....

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  1. As some of you may know I had recently debated between a Chanel Medallion tote and a used black antique glace bayswater. I decided on the bays and it came a few days ago. While it is super gorgeous I'm not so sure I can handle the weight. It was quite heave empty but when I lightly filled it today to run just a few errands it was really heavy....UGH! Not sure what to do. I usually don't have a problem with the weight of my full to the brim LV NF. Do you all find that you get used to the weight of bags or does it get more annoying over time?
  2. Sue, it differs a lot between different bags. Actually there was a new thread recently about weights of different models.

    I had a very early Darwin Bays that weighed a ton, I had to let it go, it was just impossible to carry when I put my things in it. Today, two years later I have bought a new NVT Bays that has a "normal" weight.

    A lot of the Mulberry Bags are substantial in weight, due to that they are made of thick leathers. To some extent you get used to it. It also differs if you walk a lot or carry it long times. One can also consider how much you put in it at different times. Good luck and enjoy your new Bays !
  3. I'd be really grateful if someone could please explain what Antique Glace leather is and where it ranks in weight next to say Darwin, NVT and glove leather. Apologies for ignorance and TIA!!
  4. I am not sure about the antique glace but I know Ratrat has one so she might be able to help more... that said when I first started using my Darwin tooled bays I found it really heavy!! But I got used to it quite quickly and my arm got stronger I guess :lol:
  5. Lol, Miss Mabel, who needs the gym! One day I would LOVE to own a Roxy and keep seeing them available in all types of leathers. I've seen glove and that was lovely, also the NVT new ones in Hof but not seen antique glace or darwin to know whether they appeal to me or not.
  6. NVT is the 'new' Darwin. There is not supposed to be any difference but NVT is lighter and thinner. The glove leather bags I have seen have been softer than NVT/Darwin and lighter too.
  7. Ahhh, thanks Miss M, that's good to know. One day, a roxy will be mine...
  8. Hello trust me I'm a rat, lol - so sorry to read about weight problem. Yes it's not light bag, I commute by car and I won't bring my Bays for full day shopping. Though I'm happy with half day in London with less contents...

    Word to word from care card:

    Antique Glace:
    This is a veg tan cow hide which has a natural pull up effect (similar to Darwin). This is then polished, and given a glazed effect by applying extreme heat to the surface of the leather with hot metal plates (therefore this is not coated, which gives it much more of tactile/natural finish).

    Hope it will work out for you in some way.... :biggrin::biggrin:
  9. Thanks for antique glace info Ratrat, much appreciated and very kind of you to seek out the care card for us. Rofl at your opening sentence as well! Would you say it is lighter than darwin leather?
  10. Sometimes I think the heavy bag are like killer heels. You put up with the discomfort because they are beautiful.

    Love the latest Carolyn SueC. !!
    What a First Lady she'd have looked if things had panned out differently.

  11. I like the comparison to killer heels. It really is beautiful but I have inflammatory arthritis that comes and goes and I worry that it will aggravate it.
  12. Unfortunately, I've had to get rid of my darwin bags due to the weight issue.
    I had a bad neck and the heavy bags definately didn't help.
    You could try it for a couple of weeks and see how you go?
    Good luck
  13. No contest then SueC. I had to jack in the heels when my lower back and knees gave up.

    There will be a lighter weight beauty somewhere for you!
  14. I've decided to sell the bayswater...after only 1 week :sad:

    Are there any others in this look/style that are lighter?
  15. Oh so sorry to hear this but I'm sure that's the best for you.

    NVT, Printed, some of Patent, spongy or ostrich (ie. later version) are much lighter IMO. You don't have any shop nearby to try it irl??