Not so pleased with my new ZC from EL

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  1. I just received my Navy ZC from ELuxury, It's my first ZC and I agonized over which color to buy and resisted buying the on-sale colors to get the Navy.

    Well, it arrived today. I'm not too happy.
    There are flaws (not quite scratches, but light scrapes?) on the leather in a few places. My husband said it looks like someone already used it!!!

    Does the leather get damaged really easily? Are my expectations too high or should I return it for another?
    I dont know if i am the first to say this, but eLuxury has a bad habit of sending out returns! I think a few gals have had less than pleasant experiences with sale bags that ended up being other peoples returns!

    i wish you luck, but when spending that kind of money on something like that, you want to be 110% tickled that you have made the perfect purchase, anything less and you will regret it!
  3. Please return. Sorry that this happened to you. Hopefully you will be able to get another quickly.
  4. Please return! Do not settle for less!
  5. elux should really have the handlers and packers inspect the item before it's shipped out. not only is it inconvenient for the customer to be sent a less than perfect item, but it takes up their time having to process the return and send out a new one. it's been happening for awhile now and it seems like they haven't done anything to improve it. :confused1:

    i'm sorry you aren't happy with your zc. what a disappointment! i don't have any scratches on my zc's and i treat them normally. the navy is beautiful, so you should exchange it for a new one. good luck!
  6. oh no :sad: you should return it asap. :<
  7. Definitely exchange or return it! Don't settle for less than brand spankin' new!
  8. Definitely exchange it. They should be able to send you a new one. Navy sounds gorgeous btw!
  9. sInce it wasnt on sale, elux should have plenty in stock. definitely call customer service and explain the problem. you really deserve to get a ZC in pristine condition- no less.
  10. exchange it for sure! i'm sure that would not be a problem. update us!
  11. Definitely exchange it!
  12. Call them and get a new one. You ordered a new one, you should GET a new one!