not so plain jane

  1. I plan on wearing the blue as a neutral color. I figure with summer it would look great with everything and is a pop of color. I would of gotten the aqua but it was too light and that would definitely get dirty easily.
    I'm thinking of possibly still getting the aqua or maybe the olive color in this style though :graucho:
  2. Ohhh... An olive color??
  3. Yes I think it's called fatigue.
  4. It's on sale at Very nice color
  5. I bought the toffee from BG, just waiting for it to arrive.
  6. congrats!!!
  7. Thanks. I bought it on the 28 but it's taking forever! I called BG hoping it wouldn't get canceled but the rep said not to worry. Fingers crossed that I will get it soon!
  8. oh i hear you...i hate waiting! that's why i got the blue at Barneys when i saw it!
    well hope you get it soon and post pics when you do!
  9. hope it comes soon. i absolutely love the toffee color but feel like it's just asking for trouble if i wear it (i'm a klutz and also have a toddler)
  10. If you don't have this bag yet, you definitely have to pick one up! I hv a toddler and a baby and carrying my toddler's stuff today and it's perfect!! Lightweight and easy :smile:
    I just ordered another in the fatigue color from Saks!
  11. the bag is so amazing!! so many pockets, so very conveniently placed and easily accessible. plus the smooth zippers make it no hassle!
  12. I finally received the shipment update. Should get it wed. Can't wait. I'm also looking at the fatigue. It's such a pretty color but I've always had my heart set on the toffee. Wonder if saks will still have it by the second markdown. There is a second mark down right??
  13. She's here!
  14. Sorry for the bad cell phone pic. But the color is the one sienna has
    image-1625019700.jpg image-3961129529.jpg
  15. I MAY have snagged a black one from Bergdorf Goodman on sale! We'll see if they fulfill it. I just can't get myself to get a color because I'm always fearful of color transfer / it just get dirty in general... Only colored bag I have at the moment is my AW Brick Donna which I do so love very much :p