Not so looking good with PATINA?

  1. I know some loves patina some don't.
    For me, i've always been worried if i'll still love my white MC with patina in years to come. i just think it will lose its fresh, young,fun,clean look:confused1: :confused1: but I think Mono with patina looks good. So what are the bags you think do not look good with patina?tnx
  2. i guess multicolore and LE items.
  3. Patina is part of the charm of owning a iconic classic.
  4. I think Mono and Denim look the best, but I don't like it w/ MC or Vernis
  5. I think when a bag finally gets its patina then that's when it has really ARRIVED.
    By that time, you are just rocking that bag with casual chic and are super fab!
  6. ^^right on Kitsuengrl, well said... never thought about how gorgeous denim will be with patina..hmmm.... very nice...I love contrast and think azur will be beautiful with patina...when we finally start to see it...
  7. I think all LV bags look good with patina leather!
  8. azur. eeek
  9. The LVs I LIKE WITH PATINA: Black MC and Regular Mono ... basically bags with a dark canvas look good with patina. (in my opinion)

    The LVs I DON'T LIKE WITH PATINA: White MC and Damier Azur ... basically bags with a light canvas don't look good with patina. (in my opinion)
  10. i kinda agree with this,coz it has light canvas like my MC:sad: :sad:
  11. I really don't like any bag that has really dark patina, light is fine but as they get older, bugs me. I think the Azur will look very bad with dark patina!
  12. I'm not a fan of patina if I could stop it I would maybe not totally virgin just a hint of a tan
  13. :yes: Me too!
  14. i am still wating for my black mc speedy to patina. aaaa!
  15. I like some patina to my bags as it means they no longer show every little mark as much.:smile: