Not so interesting info on the Ottone Cabat

  1. My SA rang today. Good news is the Ottone Cabat has arrived at the store. Bad news is, the medium size Cabat is now S$9k plus (~US$6k plus) which means it has gone up by more than S$2,000 (~ US$1,400), an increase of nearly 30%!!! :wtf:

    I am actually interested in the mini (Asian) sized and the stock is not in yet but the SA warned me to expect the same percentage (or thereabouts) of price hike. He said the reason is that the colour is hard to handle/dye and on goat skin nonetheless. The higher price was not anticipated, so I was shocked to say the least, esp at the incremental amount. Oh my, that's about the price of a Hermes Kelly! :crybaby:
  2. Wow.... that's really sticker shock. Sorry to hear it - but from the pix I've seen, the Ottone Cabat is really a stunning piece (and for what it's worth, I'd rather have it than the Kelly....!)
  3. Is it the old ottone or the new oxidized ottone? I wonder if the price increase is that high all over the world or just for Asia...cos if I remembered correctly, the medium for the states should be around $5900, which is about a $1100 increase from the classic medium cabat in nappa, $4800. But considering the difference in skin and color, the price hike from the medium old ottone, $5400, is only 500...which sounds reasonable right?
  4. This is the same Ottone from Cruise 2006. I think the price increase is more than US$1k (closer to US$1.5k). :push:
  5. *splutters* Up $2k? That's daylight robbery! What the...
  6. the price increase is outrangeous but i expect that with all designer goods nowadays. Chanel had their 20% increase not too long ago and everything else seemed to be crawling up on prices slowly. thanks for the update!

    ms piggy at least we know that the cabat will be an "investment" piece and yes it's almost the price of a kelly but it has a entirely different look than the kelly. since you have a gorgeous gold kelly, it would be wonderful to have a more casual bag like the cabat.
  7. Ouch! That's painful! Fortunately right now I am not living a Kelly lifestyle, so it wouldn't be a difficult choice between the kelly and the cabat. But with BV and Hermes prices skyrocketing, I won't be making that decision any time soon!
  8. OMG! That sounds really steep! Did your SA happen to mention if the other ottone bags i.e the sloane were going to be increased as well???? That is a huge increase for just one year! Are you still getting one Ms Piggy, I'm sure that it will be TDF!
  9. ms. piggy, would you have information as to whether the ottone cabat will be available anywhere else in asia? and if it is just the cabat or clutches/makeup bags will also be made available?
  10. Now i feel like :smash: myself for procrastinating.....
    I almost bought it in June but kept telling me myself that i can wait a while more..
  11. wow....
    i will keep a look out if there is an asian size in hk....
  12. ms.piggy- congrats i know you have wanted the cabat for a long time. you have an amazing collection hope you decide to get the cabat.
  13. A 30% increase in one year! :wtf: Well, I hope the price increase doesn't translate into other items too. . .
  14. Yikes!

    That's a real bummer. But then again, at least I can finally give up the idea of actually owning one :p

    But it's such a great piece though, that I think, miss p, you should def consider it :yes:
  15. are you getting one, ms p?