Not so hunky FEDEX man arrives with....

  1. new chevre Bearn keyholder in rose shocking!! :love:


    New family pic......

    key1.jpg fam1.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Rose shocking is such a gorgeous color! Too bad the FEDEX man isn't hunky. NOthing better than a fine man bringing Hermes goodies. ;) I guess Shopmom has the monopoly on that because my FEDEX man isn't hunky either. :rolleyes:
  3. Pretty!!! :love:
  4. Ooo love it! I wish my Fedex guy was cute - maybe I'd find him more attractive if he delivered me Hermes instead of kid's stuff.
  5. Very pretty...!!!! I sense a dominance of RS there...The scarf with the Fuschia flowers on it would look really good with thse (hint)

    my Fed Ex guy is cute in a nerdy sort of way...glasses...greying hair...I don't like his knees though....
  6. Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I love your black bag with the contrast of those beautiful colors!

    (My FedEx man is quite plain, and he hates - or rather, fears - my dog. Not that I really blame him, our dog is a rescue and came to us with a bizarre life mission to protect us from all mail and package deliveries. So the FedEx guy rings the bell, then runs down the front steps and waits for me there.)
  7. Love your rainbow!:love:
  8. beautiful color! congrats!
  9. :roflmfao:
    Mine always has really skinny legs and knobby knees with tons of hair. Long enough to comb.:yucky:

  10. Definite dominance of RS! I debated between the keyholder in RS and orange.... just cound not resist the RS. Must get something in orange and something in rouge.....

    I do need a wallet....
  11. :roflmfao: My dog, now it's just a little chihuahua, has a real dislike for my FedEx man, but loves the UPS guy :shrugs:
  12. I love it, Rose, and what a collection you've got there--all fantastic.

    I really wish they'd come up with a keyholder for smart keys. My car key is huge and could do a lot of damage to the chevre lining. :sad:
  13. Lovely ! Congrats !
  14. Rose your collection is growing fast ! Great colour ...:love:
  15. OMG! Look at that rainbow of colors inside your bag, ROSE!!!!!! I need some help with that........maybe you can guide me when we're in NYC? 'Cause I may be able to pick a couple of snazzy scarves but when it comes to colorful accessories I'm a complete FAILURE!!!!

    (sometimes my Hunky FEDEX man is a Hunky FEDEX woman!)