not-so-great shopping experience.long

  1. Ok,I was planning to get a scarf for myself as Christmas is coming,I figured it was time to finally step into the wonderful world of Hermes silk scarfs.So this afternoon I went to my local Hermes store,asking to have a look some scarfs.The SA lady who served me were nice and she still knew me from my previous twilly purchase.The selection of the scarfs wasn't great,but there were some nice ones here and there.

    I asked to have a look of Project Carre.It was nice,love the color but I was worried about if 90cm scarf would look too much/big for a guy.I folded the scarf and want to tried it on my neck.Just about I was going to tie a knot,she stopped me.I can't remember what exactly she said but I guess she was afraid of me causing alot of creases on the scarf which I could totally understand,'cause I knew the value of Hermes scarf and in fact I was threating all the scarf like babies the whole time.therefore I only put the scarf around my neck to see how it looks on me.I also saw the new scarf- Indian Dust in red, so wo beautiful and it suited me too, I was tempted.

    I then moved to 70cm vintage scarf, didn't like most of the design they got,but one did stood out.It was a color combination of white,gold and red,amazing colors, perfect size and look good on me.The SA didn't know the name,she said it was one of the oldest design and the design was "pulling of the center of scarf"??something like that:confused1:.Anyway, when I was about to ask to have a look the 6th scarf that I'd looked the day,the SA said to me "that would be the last one for today". :weird::weird: What??did she really said that?

    Yes the store was busy due to the christmas time, but it was not busy like LV-weekend-busy or Gucci-Sale-busy if you understand what I meant.This is the first time I knew there was a limitation of how many scarf a customer can view in a day.I didn't get it.

    She was actually nice to me the whole time, we talked about scarf, she gave some opinions, the store was "a little busy" so she also served other customers while serving me, I was fine with it, no compliant.But why??only let me saw 6 scarfs?was she tired of folding back the scarfs(believe it or not I was helping her folding too 'cause I felt bad). was she thinking I was wasting her time too much and she needed to help other customer???Was she just simply make a joke and it was me who took it seriously??:confused1::confused1:God knows.

    Just want to share it weird Hermes shopping experience with you guys, I may get the scarf in next few days but I had a second thought, we will see.
  2. Have never heard of this. What a STUPID way for a company to do business.
    Hermes is not known for making customers feel welcome, in my opinion.
    Sorry this happened to you.
  3. Sorry this happened to you! I hate it poor customer service! Especially (sp) when you pay that much money for everything in there! I hope this did not ruin your day!
  4. That's ridiculous, and even more so is that many of us are probably not all that surprised to hear this. :sad:
    I'm really sorry that happened to you, and I do hope that you won't let it affect your love for the *merchandise* even though the experience of buying it can sometimes be less than wonderful.
  5. Duncan, I PMed you:smile:

    I forgot to mention tho that the 70cm Vintage silk scarf you liked, that's called Soleil de Soie. Yes, it looks like it's being pulled thru a scarf ring or something in the centre. Gorgeous design. The colourway you tried did not work on me but I am looking forward to trying it in a different colourway.
  6. I am so sorry this happened to you! I have never had that experience....I really think that was terrible. I think you should call the manager and see if that is the policy. It sounds very uncomfortable. ouch.
  7. I feel bad that this happened to you. You shouldn't be made to feel that you had a quota in terms of looking at Hermes things. It is terrible that sometimes Hermes does not value its customers...
  8. ^^CB, it's not their policy. I have never had that happen to me there and it's apalling to hear. I too have suggested in my PM to speak w the manager.
  9. S, green SAs need to learn some *orange* customer service.:upsidedown: How on earth can a customer buy a scarf without trying it on and knotting it.
  10. ^^Thanks for the edit, mrsS. I re-read and decided that here prudence is the better part of valour;)

    LOL! Actually, given time, green oranges turn orange. Ok, I think I've just gone insane. :lol: AND I can't spell for sh*t, LMAO!!
  11. Wow--what a bummer! When purchasing my first H scarf a month or so ago, I tried on probably around 6 and there was NO PROBLEM. In fact, the SA insisted I try on several before deciding on the one. Hope you're not totally turned off by H now. I do hope you find something nice for yourself--good luck!

  12. Something like this would piss me off for an afternoon.

    I'm usually fine with my SAs helping me and other customers at the same time. One on one attention isn't really necessary if I need some time to browse and decide. If it were a big ticket item and I've already chosen what I want, then I expect the SA to simply help me at the cashier.

    My Hermes experience haven't been too pleasant to date. Except my encounter at the Singapore store when I was there for business. The lovely SA there helped me to 20+ scarves and showed me at least 5 ways to tie it.
  13. Duncan, I am so sorry that this happened to you. Is there any possibility that your SA was just there for the holidays and she didnt know any better? I dont think putting a limit on how many scarves you see is the norm. As aggravating as it may be to the H SAs to show and fold back so many scarves, they all know to expect it I believe.

    I think that you just got a bad SA. I hope that this wont spoil your enjoyment of H and suggest that you get a new SA for next time.
    From my own experience, I bought my first H scarf when I was a poor college student and I must have looked at least 20 different scarves. I was determined to see everything because I knew that I could only get one scarf and I had to be absolutely sure that I got the most beautiful one I saw. And even when I finally decided on a colorway, I asked to see 5 of the same scarves from the drawer because the hand varied on each one and I picked the one that felt the best to me. My SA, a 20-something beautiful woman, indulged whichever way i wanted to go and was very patient. She wrapped my scarf and gave me a scarf catalog which i still have to this day. Actually, I still have the scarf too. I still remember the experience vividly after all these yrs. I hope that you will get a similar experience to tresure soon.

    Hugs to you.

  14. Yes, I certainly agree that it is not...what I meant is that that question would be a good talking point when speaking to the manager.....blech...its awful.
  15. It's not supposed to happen this way. I've tried on lots and lots of scarves at plenty of H stores and this has never happened, not once! I'm so sorry you had such a horrible experience.