not-so-good stitchwork on carly?

  1. gals! i've just got my khaki carly last sun.

    can't help noticing that the work on carly just doesn't seem too good. here goes my story :

    went to the boutique to get my carly, initially ordered online but some mishaps with the shipping, so decided to walk in to buy instead.

    SA brought out 1st carly for me to check, noticed there were specks like tarnish on the gold brass, SA changed it.

    2nd bag came out and I found some thread on the carly when the "C"s are sewn, some running of threads, SA cut it away in front of me and told me not to worry. Didn't feel comfortable, thus asked to change it.

    3rd bad came out, by now, I already feel so embarrassed as though I'm such a fussy buyer.:confused1: 3rd bag was well, ok...saw some threads sticking out where they sew the leather...some stitching hanging out here and there...not the most ideal, but I thought I could bear with it.

    Is this what you gals have on your carlys too? Poor stitch work, esp on the leather? I can't help comparing it with my LVs and feel that the stitching is really not on par...:tdown:
  2. Mine look okay, but both came from the outlet, one cotton, one leather. Don't feel bad, and make them take out as many as necessary for you to feel good. Anytime a salesperson tries to make me feel like I'm too picky, I always ask them, "oh, it's free?" When I bought my denim stripe satchel, they took out four, we looked them over, and changed the handles because the one with the best alignment did not have the best handles. They didn't care at all.
  3. Could you post a picture of the stitchwork?
    I dont own one, but my sister does. I just looked at em, they look fantastic.
    Id like to see how yours is. "/
  4. I have had my Carly for about six months now, & I have just noticed that its seems like some of the material by the shoulder strap are starting to unravel. I know its from all the stuff I keep in there
  5. I had to exchange my large Carly after only carrying her for a week. The stitching on the shoulder strap came loose. They exchanged it at the boutique without any problems, but it does have me a bit paranoid that it will also happen to the replacement.:sweatdrop:
  6. I would take it back and exchange it. You paid a lot of money to get a perfect bag(or ALMOST perfect). Don't feel bad about it! I know I wouldn't be able to get over it.
  7. I was at my Coach Store yesterday to check some stuff out. My SA owns a black leather CARLY and she told me that the Stitching is starting to fray where the strap attaches to the bag. Another SA in the store told me the same thing is happening to her black Mandy from Normal use. For me this just should not happen. A Mandy or any other bag should hold up with normal use. Take that bag back and exchange it.
  8. This is something one should expect from a bag you buy in a discount store, not a $400+ "designer" bag. It would be ridiculous NOT to want the brass to be in good condition and the stitching to be perfect. If Coach let's these things get through QC, that doesn't mean we have to tolerate it. My Carlys are in good shape but I would not have hesitated to bring them back if they were defective.
  9. I have 2 carlys. I just this week took one back to the store because the stitching came out. I had purchased it during the last pce. The manager sent it back for repair without cost to me. I asked her if others were having this problem and she said no. I thought it was because I gave this bag to my daughter and she might have been careless with it. I'm glad to know that that isn't the case.
  10. I had my Carly for a month & a stitch on the strap came off. Coach told me I'd have to send it in for repairs but I didn't bother getting it fixed yet because it doesn't effect the bag when I'm using it. When I see more stitches come out then I'll get it fixed. Sounds like this is happening to a lot of Carly's
  11. I'm so disappointed to hear there are stitching problems with the Carly's! I've been lusting after that bag for so long and am t-h-i-s close to being able to make it mine.

    Does Coach stand behind it's products when there are issues like that?

    I expect it to be a really sturdy bag for the $$$.

    I guess when I get it I'll have to resist the temptation to fill it - only take the necessities to avoid burdening the stitching.
  12. I just bought my first carly a couple weeks ago and her stitching is still perfect, and the hardware has no specks or marks, maybe they had a bad batch? But no don't feel bad about wanting your bag to be perfect, I would expect nothing less.
  13. Exchange it for a perfect one. You should definitely be happy for the $ you spend on that bag!
  14. Will all 3 of my carlys on the Khaki part of it where the C's are, there are a few looseish threads, nothing going nuts but I honestly have yet to see a signature bag that DIDn't have that. Annoying but can it be helped? =P
  15. Was it maybe a khaki/saddle Carly b/c those could be hanging around from a while back. thus being "touched" etc, being it's an "older" color....maybe since then they have upgraded their QC? I dont know! Taking a guess here! That is unacceptable IMO....absolutey unacceptable for the money we pay for these bags! PLEASE keep us posted as to what happens.