Not so good experience at LV

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  1. Hi TPFer’s,

    Sorry for the very long post… I need to vent.

    I just wanted to share a not so good experience that happened to me at an LV store yesterday. :crybaby: My DH, gave me the thumbs up to purchase another beautiful LV before the prices are to go up. :tup: So we visited the nearest LV store to us. We are new to area and wanted to explore, so we were very excited to go to a new shopping area.

    Anyways, being very absolutely thrilled about a new purse, we walked into the LV store. First we were not greeted with a “Hello”, “May I help you?” or even a “How are you today?” We were just looked at with stares. We went late in the day and it didn’t appear to me that the store was all that busy.

    There was one SA who kept following fellow shoppers and tiding up/rearranging the items other shoppers were touching. After about 3-5 mins of browsing around, I looked at the SA with anticipation for help. She was nice enough to show me the bags that I wanted to see, however she seemed distracted and was not providing any feedback or information about the bags.

    Another customer came in with her 3 other sisters and was also looking for some attention from a SA. I informed the SA that it was okay that she helped her while I was deciding between the Tivoli GM and the Trevi PM.

    So while I was walking back and forth to the long mirror with the Trevi, I left the Tivoli on the counter. The SA knowing full well that I was in deliberation between the two. After about another 5 mins of consulting w/my DH about getting a matching wallet and discussing about purchasing the EPI Jasmine, one of the sisters took the Tivoli from the counter and gave it to her sister. Watching the whole incident occurring right before my eyes, I was in shock. :confused1: Not only did the sister take the bag, she didn’t even have the consideration to ask if I was through or if it was okay for them to just take a look. The customer didn’t even like the Tivoli, however the sisters were deeply persuading her that the Tivoli looked much better than her choice. I am still standing there about 5-7 ft. away waiting for them to put the Tivoli down or acknowledge that I was still looking at the bag. Nope, nada, zippo. The SA who was originally helping me walks by them and says oh “That’s a beautiful bag, it looks good on you.” The customer says, yes “My sisters have sold me on it, I’ll get this one.” The SA says, “Good Choice.” Proceeds to take the bag from her and they walk to the register to ring her up! I am in utter shock and frustrated! :cursing: The SA walks by me and doesn’t even acknowledge or look at me, I was the original customer looking at the bag. I have never been treated that way at an LV store! What if, I wanted the bag and that was the only one? How unfair is that? I really felt like I was being discriminated against because I do not fit the demographics of the area. I asked my DH, if he saw that all go down and he said yeah and he felt the same way I felt.

    Finally, after the SA has finished with the other customer’s transaction, she says, “How you doing?” I told her that I was all done and thanked her for her time and we walked out of the store. I was so very disappointed that I left the store without a new bag and my ego was broken and hurt. :crybaby: I am just being too sensitive or was this really poor customer service and bad shopping etiquette? Should I do something about it? I know for sure I will never patronize that particular LV again, I will drive the extra distance and go to the other LV location. TIA for listening and your help!
  2. Awww sorry to hear of your awful experience. Obviously, the SA was not the best. If that happened to me though , I would have said something politely to the sisters that I was still deciding on the bag. Sometimes you just need to say something. They might not have realized that you were deciding on it. But then again, it was up to the SA to have informed them. There will always be good and bad SAs at any store. I have had my fair share of them. I just simply brush it off and move on to the next associate. I can't wait for you to post pics of your new acquisition.
  3. Thanks LVuittonLuvr for your kind words and advice! Will post pics when I get them!
  4. SOrry, but I don't think you have any good reason to be really mad. However, everyone has the right to went and I hope you get this out of your system. =)
  5. i don't quite understand, did one of the ladies take the display piece you were looking at? or one that was pulled out from stock for you to purchase.
  6. Hi Caley,

    The ladies took the piece I was looking at and it was also the display piece. The SA sold the display piece to them it wasn't from stock. I think it was just poor shopping etiquette and customer service.
  7. Yes. that was very poor etiquette for them not to ask if you were done with the Tivoli before grabbing it. You have to speak up right away though. Sorry for your bad experience. Hope it doesn't happen again.
  8. ahh ok. just wanted to be sure so i didn't misunderstand your post. i definitely agree that it was poor etiquette on the woman's and SA's part.
  9. I'm so sorry you had such a bad experience. That was very poor etiquette on the part of the customers who grabbed the bag you were considering. I think I would have said, "I'm sorry, but I'm looking at that bag," or something like that. The SA does sound as if she was quite indifferent to the situation. She should have brought out another Tivoli for the ladies to look at, or at least asked you if you were done with it.

    Perhaps you should contact the manager of the store and let them know that you weren't treated with respect and that they've lost a future customer. I don't think you are being too sensitive. You pay a lot of money for your bags, and you deserve a good shopping experience.
  10. If it was a display piece you hadn't said you wanted already, I don't see the problem. Of course, there is a problem when you got hurt, but I don't think it's a problem the store is to blame for mainly. I'm sure she had more in the back, if not I agree she should've been more careful. If she did have more in the back what was the problem exactly?

    You used five minutes away from a display bag, in my world that means releasing it especially since you were browsing apparently. The message you gave to the SA was not clear in any case and I don't think you have any real reason to be mad at her or this store. That is why I ask you to reconsider. I don't think youshould go through "extreme" measure to avoid this store just because of this. Find another SA. Try again and see if it works out better. Not all SAs are the same and just like wiht other people sometimes you come out badly at first.

    Yes, maybe this was bad etiquette, but as you didn't really speak out about it, it just adds to me thinking that the SA had a good reason to believe you were no longer interested.

    I don't mean to attack you personally, but it's just my personal thoughts and I feel like a lot of the "Bad customer" threads are a little excessive sometimes. Please enjoy LV and be happy! I don't think you're a bad person or anything, we all have our prides hurt fro mtime to time. But noone will know how we feel unless we speak our minds.
  11. Wow I just can't believe you simply walked out without saying something to the SA.
  12. Yeah, I was just in complete shock. I was caught off guard like a deer and headlights, they just kinda stop in their tracks and look like this.... :wtf:

    I should have, would have and could have said something but I didn't. I just really expected better customer service knowing this is the only free standing LV store in the state.

    Thanks for all the support, advice and suggestions for next time, hopefully there won't be a next time.

    I'll try another SA and won't rule them out just yet.
  13. Try not to worry too much about this experience. I think the SA just thought that you were done with the bag even though you didn't say anything to her or even to the other customers. I agree, the SA should have jumped in to ask you if you were done with the bag before giving it to the other customers. Since this LV is not too far away from you, try a different SA. I'm sure you'll find one that will be more attentive.

    I have received this type of inattention before until I found the right SA who is absolutely wonderful to me. Before you go to this particular LV store, call and find out who the leather goods manager or manager is and then deal directly with him/her when you get there. See if that helps. Good luck! I hope you get your new LV soon!
  14. Try another SA, never give up!;) You pay good money for a good product, you deserve good service.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Eleanor Roosevelt
  15. I like that quote LVroyalty1! I gotta remember that!