Not so good experience at LV Braven Bellevue

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  1. I’ve been to this boutique several times to check on bags, and was happy with their customer service, until lately when I bought a bag from them. I visited the store 2 weeks ago. A gentleman named Mark helped me order a bag from another store and had it shipped to Braven so I don’t have to pay $15 shipping fee and can examine the bag in the store before I take it back home. I was told 3-4 days my bag will be in the store for pickup. This is important to me as I need to leave the country in about 3 weeks.

    Then after waiting for about half month with no calls from LV, I finally called them to see if my bag is arrived. A lady responded to my phone said there was no such bag in the store and she cannot see any order record (although I was charged two weeks ago). She asked me to wait for Mark to return my call in 30min. After 2 hours waiting, I called back again, and Mark told me that it may take longer than 4 days to ship a bag and asked me to wait again for his call back. Then finally after about 1 hour a lady called saying they had made some mistake and my bag was actually already long at store and I can pick up at any time.

    Today I dropped by the store to pick up my bag. An Asian lady (I think her name is Mia) brought it out. Immediately I saw some problems with the bag and told her I don’t want a returned bag. Then she said hold on a minute and went to the storage room and brought out a new one. My hubby was with my all time and said it’s obvious that she knows there’re problems with the first bag but hoping I would take it anyways.
    To be honest although SAs there are very polite all the times, I feel they are not as professional as some other stores. For example, at the end they almost forgot to give us a receipt. I also caught them talking to each other that the sale was not filed on the day the bag was purchased (that’s probably why they said no such order at first).

    Not very happy purchase experience in general.
  2. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about this. :sad: This has been one of my favorite stores for the 11 years that I have shopped at LV.

    Having shopped there on many occasions, I can't imagine they would have tried to get you to buy the more beat up bag just to get you to take it . As far as why they were able to go into the back and get another one, maybe they had just received one in a shipment?

    Did you ask to speak to a manager to express your concerns? If something is wrong or you had a bad experience, they can't fix it If they don't know something is wrong.