Not "saying" the price


Jan 29, 2006
I was wondering if they do this to you too, at your Chanel boutique. I've never had it happen at LV or Gucci or anything.

Quite seriously, the two SAs I usually go to will not say the price out loud! They show me the pricetag and after they ring up the purchase, they write down the total on a card and slide it to me. It's hilarious, because I don't think it's such a large amount of amount of money that warrents being written... I guess they're trying to be classy about it.

It just amuses me, I was wondering if this happens at your Chanel boutique too.
Lol..that's funny. It's never happened to my mom or me at either the Saks boutique or the store in South Coast. They're good about telling prices. I noticed the LV store puts the prices of the smaller pieces in their cases because I guess a lot of people asked about the same items.
Too funny, it's yet to happen to me ! At Louis Vuitton, it was my mom who insisted that several prices were written down so she could take them home and think about them.