Not savin this time...!

  1. Ok, just wondering where our collection priorities are...

    If I had ___ bucks, I'd buy:

    $ 500: a

    $ 1000: a

    $ 2000: a

    $ 8000: a

    $ 20,000: a
  2. $ 500: a pair of Manolos or a scarf and scarf ring

    $ 1000: Manolo Blahniks

    $ 2000: Evelyn

    $ 8000: a bolide 37 black clemance or a rouge garance birkin

    $ 20,000: buy something than save the rest!
  3. Angelfish....your avatar.....those Manolos do you have them? did you know they are named Ossie and they were one of the first shoes that Manolo made for women?
  4. $ 500: a pair of diamond earrings

    $ 1000: a pair of manolos and a pair of louboutins

    $ 2000: a grey chanel reissue

    $ 8000: white 35 birkin (if I could get on the list!)

    $ 20,000: a prius

    (ok so some of these are estimates, but that is what my credit card is for. duh?)
  5. $ 500: a H scarf and a scarf ring

    $ 1000: some more H china

    $ 2000: an Evelyne in Blue Jean

    $ 8000: a rouge H birkin

    $ 20,000: something in Croc.
  6. I take that back. With $2,000 I would buy a Hermes tea set.....
  7. OMIGOSH you are the FIRST person to catch that!! I could just look at MB sketches all day :tender:

    OH AND MODS Holy Shnikies I really meant what would you do with this money at HERMES, or if you're done collecting Hermes and want something else... Mea Culpa!!
  8. Hum...since I pick up my new car at 3 today...better not purchase anything....well, unless my white birkin appears...then all bets are off!
  9. If I had ___ bucks, I'd buy:

    $ 500: a scarf and pochette

    $ 1000: 2 pairs of shoes (Manolos, Laboutins, Choos)

    $ 2000: a Picotin PM or Bottega Veneta bag

    $ 8000: a Rouge Garance Birkin

    $ 20,000: I don't know
  10. $ 500: Hermés Bracelet (technically re-purchase since I just returned it cause it had a spot on it)

    $ 1000: a

    $ 2000: Hermés Crocodile Belt

    $ 8000: 25cm Black Clemence Birkin for my best friend.

    $ 20,000: 50cm Travel Birkin and 40cm Birkin as a briefcase
  12. $ 500: Save it for bigger purchase

    $ 1000: A pair of LV and Bally shoes

    $ 2000: CDC bracelet and more H belt

    $ 8000: save it for my ultimate bag

    $ 20,000: Get a travel birkin,prefer 50 brown with silver HW.
  13. Great idea!

    500= Probably a Kelly double tour and a twilly

    1000= Extra wide enamel bracelet and a scarf

    2000= A garden party

    8000=A Kelly and something or a Birkin

    20,000= A vintage Kelly, collier de chien bracelet, the evelyn, a vintage birkin, scarves, an H hat for my man, A Lindy
  14. If I had that much money..I'd have someone elses bank account!!:graucho:
  15. $ 500: a scarf and pochette

    $ 1500: an orange Dogon wallet

    $ 2000: a Rouge Jige

    $ 8000: a BJ Victoria FT and a black evergrain JPG Kelly pochette

    $ 20,000: a wonderful vacation on an island somewhere where I could de-stress and listen to nothing but the sound of the waves. :beach: