Not satisfied with!

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  1. #1 Apr 28, 2016
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    Seriously, what is the point of this website if I cannot respectfully and politely express my opinion. I find that I have to walk on eggshells here...I just don't get it.
  2. Oh my goodness this sounds terrible!!!I'm shocked!!! Post a pic dear. Is it new? What color?
    Sandpaper? No, togo is soft like clemence... very buttery soft to the touch....just exquisitie.
  3. very sad for you, pls post pics. Would make a luxurious gift indeed. Is it brand new of recent year? Depends on how much it was, not familiar with their return policy, but does not sound very good.
  4. Did you buy pre owned or new
  5. I just boight a togo birkin directly from the store and I was underwhelmed with the leather as well. I chalked it up to that particular batch. I have several togo birkins and bags that are gorgeous and super beautiful leather. This one was just eh...its not as thick and luxurious as my other bs. But on the other hand...its much lighter.still love my bag though.
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  7. It's very nice and I would keep since it's authentic, but if you have doubts... and are unhappy about the way the leather is, would not keep. Though the restocking fee is absurd!! Did you try to call AFF and speak to someone, maybe get a reduced restocking fee?

  8. I second you Israeli_Flava!! Butter!
    I am SO sorry you are disappointed!! That restocking fee sounds ridiculous!!
    Good luck with you decision! I have no idea what to tell you ;(
  9. The bag doesn't look hard and dry in the pics but pics are deceiving. Wow. I had no idea that AFF return policy was that way... I would call and talk to her personally..... that is really worth a try and all you can do. But I do think the bag is gorgeous dear!!!
  10. This is a beautiful color!! So striking!!
  11. I'm no expert, but I purchased a Togo Kelly from the boutique and it was stiff and rather rough; and the black was not as rich as my clemence. Im use to the soft squishy feel of clemence. However, overtime with use, it will soften up. I wish you would've reached out to AFF before posting on here, sometimes it makes a difference, just my opinion. The bag is beautiful.
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    To make you feel better, the 2016 togo compared to the 2014 togo does have difference in the thickness of the skin. However my 2016 Togo bag doesn't feel like sand paper, it is thinner than my 2014 Togo.

    R stamp is 2014 or 2015? I forgot.
  13. I have one new Togo bag and one 20 year old Clemence and I will say that the Togo has a soft dry feeling to it while the Clemence feels more lush/squishy. I love my Togo bag as it's less slouchy but it does feel thick and plush. Just dry if you know what I mean.

    Clemence has more shine, so possibly more natural oils to the tanning process. I have a Togo notebook that has softened considerably over two years but I would still classify it as a dry, soft feel.

    I would second everyone that says talk to Ann's, I'm sure they'll do what they can for you!
  14. I'm kind of relieved to hear this from 2016 togo definitely is thinner and not as rich. Mine was a black birkin.
  15. Yes usually the characteristics of togo
    Look might be close however feel its totally different from clemence
    "Drier "in the sense less oil thats why its lighter also more structure too
    Definitely cannot compare with ardennes
    They're totally different
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