Not satisfied with the hot stamp on my wallet

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I bought an epi multiple wallet as my boyfriend's birthday gift, having it hot stamped. However when I pick up the wallet in my local LV store, I found there's a slight flaw in the first letter "X". The "X" has a part missing in the left top as shown in the picture below.
    I told the SA that I'm not satisfied with the hot stamping, but she told me there's nothing they can do about it. She kept telling me that the hot stamping was done by human and by foil, and that they cannot fix it. She also asked her manager and her manager says they can't help with it. She also said that all of this hot stamp will eventually wear off.
    This is the first time I get a hot stamp from LV, so I'm not sure if this flaw is a common case or it should be considered poor work. Would you share what you think about the hot stamp? Do you think it's reasonable to request to have it fixed or replaced? If I want to have it fixed or replaced, how can I get it done? (Apparently my local store won't be willing to fix it :/)
    Thanks a lot!
  2. Not only does it look like it's already rubbing off, but the letters aren't even at all. The G's are almost touching, and the X is a mile over to the left. Was it bring your kid to LV day?
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  3. The presentation and quality of that hot stamping is beyond awful. I would get a manager involved on this one. The hot stamp machine appears that it wasn’t hot enough when they stamped it, causing the foil to not adhere to the leather as well as it should have. The spacing between the X is nothing short of appalling.
  4. It's not acceptable in my opinion. I'm not sure where you can go from here, especially if your store isn't willing to help. Very disappointing.
  5. maybe try calling customer service. I know they always say personalized items are not returnable but this is their mistake. they did a crummy job. you're not trying to return, you just want it made right.

    I would call and be very polite about it. as a customer, you are not happy, the hot stamp job ruined the wallet and it is a gift. how would they feel presenting this to someone. and really, the store is at fault, if they mess up the personalization, they should make it right.

    a few years ago, I was at a place where you could personalize a bottle of whiskey with engraving. my friend bought one, but the engraving looked like crap. so they kept trying... eventually they decided that machine was faulty.

    my point is- they need to do right by you. just because personalized items are not refundable, does that mean they get to give you garbage? that's not right.
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  6. Thanks everyone for your opinions and suggestions. I contacted the online customer service, and this is what I got from them:
    Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 2.33.21 PM - Edited.png

    Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 2.33.43 PM - Edited.png

    So I guess the lesson learned here is to think twice before deciding to get a hot stamp from LV. Because there's no fix, no exchange, and no refund, no matter how awful the hot stamp work you end up getting. I am very disappointed and I will not consider getting a hot stamp from LV again since the risk is too high.
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  7. Sorry to hear and very disappointing from LV. Shame on them not standing by their own work. I guess the lesson here is- they have no quality control over the process. it's probably something cheap they can do and it pretty much guarentee no returns.

    You might as well take it to a shoe repair shop and see if it can removed.

    I bought a used lv once. it had this weird coating on the handles. I guessed to improve what looked like it could have been glazing issue and why they ultimately sold it... anyhow! my shoe guy removed it no problem and I was very happy with it.
  8. I would post this respect nose and a few pictures of your wallet on ever social media page they have. Don’t keep quiet about it. They basically ruined the item with their horrible heat stamp job.
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  9. I would post your experience and their reply letter and pictures on as many social media sites they have. Get the word out. Sorry they basically ruined the item.

    I know you should be able to remove it. I removed gold heatstamp on blue leather Gucci with a q tip and nail polish remover. I have seen people do it different ways online. So if you want to do it yourself it can be done.
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  10. Oh no! That is their fault and they should make it right! Write the HQ and send in the pics using registered mail. What if their equipment was defective or their staff who did this needs further training? They surely didn't do an excellent job. And they should be made aware.
  11. I would get ahold of another manager perhaps at a different location. That's really unfortunate that it turned out that way. I understand that hot stamping machines are temperamental (I own one and doing it right is no picnic.) but at the end of the day, this is an LV product and they should give you top-notch service to make this right. Best of luck.
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  12. If worse comes to worse and all other options are ruled out, you could try filling it in yourself with some gold paint or doing some of the strategies online to remove the gold but leave the indent.
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  13. An SA at my local store warned me about the quality of the hot stamping and the other personalized items they offer. He said the quality had gotten bad and they wouldn’t be able to do anything about it if I wasn’t satisfied. So glad he warned me, but I’m so sorry it happened to you!
  14. I will contact your credit card company if you can. Not sure if it would help, but doesn’t hurt to try.
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  15. I have only had 1 item hot stamped and one letter was very smudged it looked blurry. I didn’t make a fuss and told myself it now has a story and the wallet is a nice memory of where I bought it. I’m also a huge pushover and hate confrontation lol.