Not really liking the new stuff :(

  1. Okay so I just looked at and I have to say I am not really lovin' the new stuff. I kinda like the scarf line but knida not. I don't really like the new sig. stripe bags....they are kind of weird with the stripe on the top. I guess this is good for my wallet and my relationship lol. What do you ladies think?
  2. Same here the sig stripe totes look weird it just looks off balance with the stripe on top!?!? And the scarf print is OK but i wouldnt spend MY money on it ... depressing ... but like you said more money in the wallet (for a little while)
  3. I hate to say it - don't want to rain on anyone else's parade. But I 100% agree with you. I think these are made more for the 12 y/o new comer into the coach family. I think it is just all too kiddie and (dare I say) cheap looking. I don't really want to offend anyone. it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. To each her own...but I think it is all fuggly. By that is just my humble opinion. Go for what u love
  4. I have to agree. I'll probably also offend people, but I have to say some of these bags look a bit on the "fake" side... As you say, brutalangel, go for what you love. That means more in our wallets and more bags for everyone else...:tup:
  5. :roflmfao: I agree!!!
  6. I agree, its too weird looking w/the stripe on the top
  7. nope not liking the new stuff as well ashdir... the stripe just doesn't look right up on the top... it ruins the bag... IMO.. :tdown:
  8. I feel the same way.....the new stripe stuff doesn't look right with the stripe across the top and the color choices don't help. We all love pink but even the pink bag in this style doesn't look right. I agree with the scarf print too, I kinda like it but then I kinda don't. It's not worth the price tag it has, I know that for sure! So bummed!!! I have spring purse money burning a hole in my pocket but there's nothing I like. :tdown:
  9. I've never cared for the patchwork series, and I do have one sig strip tote from last year that I love, so maybe thats why I'm not feeling these new lines either. Maybe we just need to get used to the stripe on the top of the bag rather than down lower? I think what I like about it down lower is that there was still some of the sig material showing underneath the stripe, kinda balancing the stripe out. But with the stripe on top, the sig materials just looks "cut off" - for a lack of a better term - to me. My gift card once again is safe!
  10. What bothers me about the new sig stripe is that the C's on the pocket aren't aligned! They are aligned on the large tote and it looks so much better, but it just looks weird on the other ones!
  11. I'm a rebel. I like some of the new stuff.

  12. me too. i loveee the sig stripe shoulder bag!
  13. I like the new stripe stuff I just wish the SIGNATURE STRIPE LARGE TOTE came in pink!!!
  14. i kind of like the large signatrure stripe tote...itd be perfect for school.
  15. I was just about to post the same thing except for the shoulder bag. The medium is too small for my liking. LARGE PINK PLEASE!!!