Not really a thread !!!

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  1. Hi guys not really a thread but, yesterday I see the most funny thing ever !!

    Walking through the city , there was a lady walking besides me with her Roxanne bag

    (looked a nice one all different shades of brown maybe snake ?)

    All of the sudden the lady fall`s flat on her face , everything she has, goes flying!!

    Her husband who was walking in front turn`s around say`s Oh my god!! run`s back step`s over his wife and pick`s up her bag!!


  2. Hahahaha!! Thats quite wrong but hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :nuts::nuts: HA HA HA!! One day at the grocery store, I stepped off a curb and fell flat on my butt and the attendent came rushing out to make sure I was ok --- my lovely DH rushed over to make sure that his beer was ok!!!! I was just really embarrassed!!:lol:

    :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: The fed ex man will be at my house on WED!!!! Can't wait !!!
  4. Ok,I've just got back in and I've got a bit more time now so I'll tell you what happened to me in John Lewis's last night!! Was really fed up,so left Sophie with Andy for a bit of me time and went to the Trafford center,as its open quite late I could have a nice browse,coffee,cake,waste time and generally unwind for a bit.So then I thought 'I know,I'll go and have a try of some Mulberrys for size etc to give me some clearer ideas of what I want come the meet next year!'(any excuse really to drool over them!)
    Anyhow there was a young lady looking at a black Roxanne,very shiny one with very bright gold hardware,was'nt to my taste,and hers it turns out.
    I wandered off to try a bayswater,ledbury,mabel.agyness etc,and put my Roxanne down on a shelf near me,did'nt really want to put it on the floor, so after I had tried on a few and was totally lost in dreaming I turned round to see the young lady rummaging through my bag saying 'this is it,this is the one I want in this color,I thought you said you did'nt have any?'to the sa. At this point I sort of gave a strangly squealy noise that sort of said 'thats mine!!!'when I realised what was going on,poor girl she was so embarrased!! Turns out she was looking for the price inside it!!
    So to make her feel better I let her have a model of it in a mirror etc,and we ended up having a laugh over it!! Especially when she turned round and said 'I would have bought the purse as well,its really nice,but I was wondering why there were things in the bag!' I pointed her in Selfridges direction as they had what she was looking for,and she sadly said 'I only have vouchers for here,so I can't have it tonight and I was really looking forward to having it today as I really like it and have wanted one for a bit' Awww bless!!!!
  5. Oh god that is so funny !!!

    That sort of thing happens to me !!

    I`m the one picking up somebodies bag ! and then probably getting arrested for attempted thieft !!!


  6. Poor girl to have her hopes dashed !!!:shame:
  7. How funny! Poor girl, bet she was mortified. The very same thing happened to me in John Lewis. I put my black Alana on the display shelf while I was trying on other bags and a woman came along with her friend and picked it up. They didn't get to the rummaging stage though!
  8. That's it- I'm never putting my Mulberry down on a shelf!!!
  9. The SAs in John Lewis know me now and how casual I am. They now take my bag from me and put it behind their desk while I browse!!

  10. Now that's great service!
  11. Wow
  12. That's so funny, but that poor woman!

    I went A over T in our village high street a few weeks ago. Well actually, it was more like -whooosh - and I was straight on the pavement on my backside. Very un-dignified.

    I was so embarrassed that I got myself up immediately, and this lady who'd been walking towards me came running up,saying 'OMG, are you ok?'

    There I was laughing and saying 'oh yes I'm fine thanks', it wasn't until later that the bruises came out, and I was really suffering! :crybaby:
  13. Now THAT is service!!!!!
  14. Sorry to hear this hope your handbag was ok :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. Thanks riffraff. :lol: Luckily I wasn't carrying my bag at the time - only my purse, as I was just nipping from the car satraight into the newsagents.

    Pleased to report that my purse (emmy wallet to keep on topic!) was tikety boo, and survived unscathed.