Not real excited about BalNY service..


Sep 10, 2006
I just ordered my truffle box and compagnon:wlae: :wlae: sa passed me off to someone else after telling me she would call me back in a "half hour" well an hour and a half rolled on by so I called her back..Geez don't you want my commission??..anyways, she passed me off to someone else and since this is my first bbag purchase I had some questions for crying out loud. I wanted her to match the grains on the wallet and bag so they match, she huffed and puffed while putting the phone down and when she came back I asked her if they match and she said yes so I asked if they were more on the veiny side or what and she said "as with all of our bags, they are distressed" NO CRAP, that wasn't my question lady.:cursing: :cursing: Whatever I am really excited none the less and my awesome DH told me to order these since the box will be discontinued:sad::sad: God I love him..I bought a black first at Nordy's a couple of months ago..brought it home but wasn't in love like I thought I would be. Some lovely ladies on this forum turned me onto the box..THANKS THANKS THANKS THANKS..I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited I could scream. A question, when they send it ups ground how long does it usually take??

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
Soon the UK!
Yes they are rather rude there. Joseph was my SA on my last purchase and he was an absolute DOLL. I would rather only deal with him for future purchases.


Nov 20, 2006
Sometimes now a days it seems like it's hard to find good service. I hope you love your bag!! CONGRATS!!!


Jan 11, 2006
I hate hearing stories like this about rude customer service!:cursing: You should have been treated a whole lot better then that! Next time ask for someone who comes highly recommended!!!:yes:

Anyway, I am very happy for you and can't wait to see some amazing pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:


140 lbs lighter
Feb 5, 2006
Where do you live sagranch? If you live on the west coast it's probably going to take 5-7 days for you to receive it.

On service, I'm sorry you had some lousy service. Hopefully the bag will be worth it. I've never had servicing issues, but I've heard others have. It's really the luck of the draw if the person you want to speak to isn't available.

I would have kept calling back until I reached who I really wanted to speak to.
Jan 18, 2006
Sorry to hear about the way you were treated! Wow. I dealt with Kim (I think). Anyway, she was very nice and helpful. My bag came the next day. I paid them extra to have them over-night it because I didn't want any trouble.

Enjoy your bag!


Oct 30, 2006
Yes they are rather rude there. Joseph was my SA on my last purchase and he was an absolute DOLL. I would rather only deal with him for future purchases.
I agree. I called a couple of times and some of the gals were great and helpful, others seemed like I was an inconvenience. However, when I called to order Joseph picked up and he has been wonderful. quick resposes to my emails and calls. I will only order from him from now on. oh, I live in TN and it took 3 days for my day to get here. My box got sent to the wrong holding station so it took a bit longer.


Jul 27, 2006
Sounds about right. I went to get a bag repaired at Bal on 22nd Street and since I didn't get the bag at that store, they gave me all kinds of attitude. Then they expected me to leave my cc info with them. Not.
Oct 30, 2006
It's funny. I called Balenciaga NYC this am to ask a couple of questions. I got this guy who was obviously gay (not anything wrong with that). He was the classic salesguy who thumbs his nose at that guy in those eyeglass commercials. At first, I asked him about the leather of the black cities and he was like 'they are all alike' but after a few minutes, for some reason, he warmed up and described it a little to me. He was pretty nice by the end. I think they just get that way sometimes when they have a really trendy, in demand product. But it is sad that they have to ruin your experience by being that way. If I have the choice to buy the same thing from a nice person or a mean one, I ALWAYS make it a point to choose the nice one.

Congratulations on your purchase. Enjoy them!
Nov 24, 2006
New York
I've been to BalNY and Kim was great, and I've heard great things about Joseph to.

Today, however, i called in the morning and asked the woman who picked up the phone (not Kim, as it's her day off) what 06 colors are left in City and Twiggy. She came back and said in City there's Black, Truffle, Marron, Pink, Caramel, Rouille, Oxblood, Emerald, Sage and Forest. And the same in Twiggy except no pink. I wrote it all down.

I started thinking about it after we hung up, and decided to get the Rouille Twiggy even though I just bought a bag last week. So I called back to ask about the Twiggy, and the woman said she didn't think they had any. When I told her I spoke to her in the morning and read off the list, she kept saying "City, City, we have the rust in City." As if it was all my misunderstanding. Well, I used to be a reporter, and there's NO WAY I got that list wrong!

So Kim in person, yes. Joseph on the phone, yes. Anyone else? Maybe not...

Needless to say, I'm very sad about not getting my Rouille Twiggy! Once I thought it was mine, I was SO I'm bummed.


Jan 25, 2006
I had a horrible experience there that i ended up passing on the bag a coupleof years ago!! I was on the waiting list and they had all my information to charge my card when it came in and then they would call you and have you come pick it up! Well I open up m y credit card bill and see BALENCIAGA NY and its dated 2 weeks ago but no one ever called my about the bag!! I call them in an outrage! I ask them how dare you charge my credit card, never call me about the bag, they tell me "oh we have it its sitting right here, its been sitting here for two weeks!" I grew angrier well why it is sitting there when I should have it!!?? and i said that to them! They HUNG UP the phone on me! I told them i didn't care for a bag from them or their service and that it was disgusting their attitude and behavior! I ended up getting my bag in Paris.


May 24, 2006
I am so sorry.

I have to say that I've gotten great service from Bal NY. I've dealt with Sarah, Daisy and Terry and all were very nice and helpful to me.