Not Rational Hilka - funky or frumpy?

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  1. Hey all, I'm not sure about this bag...can't decide if it's funky or frumpy. I'm leaning toward funky. But what do you think? Would love to hear from someone who's actually seen/felt this bag.

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  2. I really like this bag....the shape, how it drapes....would also love to hear a "IRL" report!
  3. i've never seen it before, but it looks so yummy. And i am loving olive green right now.
  4. I love NR stuff and I bet the leather is tdf! Please tell us how it is when or if you get it!

    And, ftr, I think it looks really funky in a cool way!
  5. I just think that if you put something in it, your never getting it out. Looking for a pen? Fuuhgetabout it.
  6. Never seen it, but I love the color.
  7. I like it, especially the colour. Not my style and I am such a boring 'classics only' person that it must be funky!
  8. Funky! I like it!
  9. I LOVE it!!! That's my kind of bag...the color, the shape, almost perfect. I would buy one right now, but I'm a gold or brass hardware girl, and believe it or not, silver hardware does keep me from buying a bag:sad:

    BTW - not frumpy at all!
  10. I like it too! I think the only thing that I think looks less-than-perfect are the handles, which do not seem to have a great "drape" (for lack of a better word). Maybe once the bag is full of stuff, the handles will hang more gracefully. I realize this is a function of the braiding, but nonetheless. I only say this since Not Rational bags are not inexpensive, and I think they should be worth every penny, if you kwim. Although maybe this is the best it can get for that price point, since Bottega Venetta bags do not have this problem. Hope I haven't been a complete buzz-kill!
  11. This is one of these bags that can impress visually, but I bet that IRL it's a bottomless pit. So not one I would ever buy.
  12. I vote funky and I love the color. If you do get it I hope you'll post some pics.
  13. Thanks for all your input.

    dcblam, I appreciate your feedback because I really love your Abaco so I know you have a great eye ;)

    Heather123, you make a very good point. It may just turn out be a giant black hole. It does have a zip pocket and a couple of open pockets for cell and ipod, or whatever, so that will help. I was planning to use this bag occasionally, just for fun. It's not likely to be an everyday workhorse -- partly because of the issue you raise.

    2006mommy, interesting you mention the straps. Apparently one can wear them short and doubled up (as illustrated in the photo) or extend them to their full length and wear the bag cross-body.

    Well I went ahead and ordered it. It was actually very reasonable ($100 + $25 shipping [to Canada]). I'll post picks and let you all know what it's like IRL.

    I got it here:
    This link has been posted elsewhere (thank you!) but some items are still available. The page hasn't been updated recently so the item that catches your eye might be sold out. But if you send Lauren and Fabianna an email, they'll let you know if you're in luck.
  14. I can't wait to see your pictures. I think it looks like a great bag!
  15. Not bad, not frumpy and very reasonably priced.