Not Rational Bags

  1. Anyone own any of these? I saw the Sofia online and it looks really cute for a nice price...just checking on the quality of this brand...
  2. I own several NR bags and have NEVER been disappointed!! Fabiana's designs and quality are wayy up there in my book. My favorite, currently, is my washed cognac Fab - such a gorgeous shade of red/brown (more brown than red) and so comfy to wear, even when i pack the bag to the gills! I have a red patent fab coming my way and can't wait to see that one, a large Dany in naked butter, a travel sub in tan leather (luv that bag!), two Suzy's in white and pearlized champagne, and my favorite me-bag, a mini-sub in champagne :smile: and a small champagne connor up for grabs on eBay - just too small for me but sooooo cute! I've had and passed on the red naked fab (too red for me), a bark diesel fab (should have kept that rich dark brown one!), a black naked large Connor (just not my style but soooooooooo gorgeous!), a black naked EK sub (just a tad too small for me), a bowring bag in banana (just not me), two large Lizzies in pearlized light blue (sooo pretty!) and platinum, and an Olive Parker - loved the bag, just not an olive girl :smile: Oh and a brandy Lilly that was a fantastic bag but too long on me - sooooo pretty though! And a rust patent Amy and EK Sub that I passed on to other happy people - can you say that I am a bit of a NR whore??? they are wonderful bags - you will not be displeased, i promise! For all the bags I sold, it was always due to just the color or style not working for me, but we're all picky :smile: the bags themselves were stunning!
  3. i love them.... but i can't justify myself to pay that much for them...and i never see them on sale... sighs...

    i bought one and i was carrying it around at home and such... it was great - the compartments are functional, and the stitiching is very sturdy - i really like it - but it was like 600+ and I had to use that fund for something else... if that wasn't the case I would have loved to keep it!
  4. Does anybody have a picture of the Not Rational Lizzie bag? I can't seem to find one online.
  5. I've had several Not Rational bags as well, and I've loved every single one. The fabs/hansels are PERFECT diaper bags, fit a lot and look LOVELY on your arm or stroller. My other favs include the SUB, EK SUB and the Christina. The Christina is meant to be worn cross-body, and I swear it made me look skinnier. How can you not LOVE that? LOL! The best is the lightweight leather...these things are total feather-light. But gorgeous bags and fun designs! Big :tup: from me!

    BTW - here's a pic of my Navy Lizzie in metallic leather:
  6. Yes, those of us who love these bags are all reformed baby bag/diaper bag owners who crave the lovely leather and it's heavenly sent. Some of us started with the Not Rational Fab bag/ diaper bag and the rest of us just went straight to a "mommy-only" bag :tup:!

    I feel that the quality is excellent, lovely colors, smooshy-mushy leather. You can find good deals when there are sales at Barney's, Zappos (where the sofia is on sale now), and jcmadison.

    NR sofia with denim (I love this combo!):

    Large Connor:

    Small Amy Bag:
  7. I love NR... I have had probably a 10-15 pass through my hands the past year. I love love love her bags. Fabiana's design is amazing. I've had Hansels, Gretels, SUBs, EK SUBs, etc... currently I have a Cognac Diesel Amy bag, Chocolate Patent Connor Messenger (w/ no round handles), A Black Diesel Hansel and 2 Travel SUBS. I love my NR bags! :smile:
  8. i am looking for the not rational burgundy sofia handbag...if some one knows where its available or if someone is selling it ..i am really interested in buying!! please let me know.. thanks!!!:smile:
  9. The Sofia is an awesome bag, I have one in beige. I found the Not Rational bags by way of craving a leather diaper bag too. I love Fabi's bags! I have bags big enough to carry all my kids stuff, and bags small enough just for me, and everything in between. I currently have 3 Hansels (burgundy wrinkled, champagne and bronze), a Gretel in cognac diesel (yum!), a Parker in smoke wrinkled, a beige Sofia, a platinum Lizzie, 2 Christinas (one platinum foil, one hazelnut diesel), a double strap bag in a deep gorgeous purple, 2 Subs (teal metallic foil and kelly green metallic foil), a cognac diesel EK Sub, and a minisub in steel (lovely pearlized grey.)
  10. Fabiana also does a few VIP sample sales during the year where you can find some great deals on her fabulous bags!
  11. Just found this thread... (might I say: This forum is addicting all all heck!)

    I'm currently shopping for a NR Gretel bag for Baby#1 on the way and am really glad to hear of the great quality. I had hoped for a wrinkled black, but have struck out so far. :sad: If anyone stumbled across one, shout me!
  12. yup i have a sub bag in navy. NR bags are so cute and i love the pockets in the front! i always wondered why they didn't catch on more.
  13. There's a Hansel bag on eBay right now - BIN of $300 - NOT a bad price...