Not Quite Shoes - But Thought You Ladies Would Like To See....

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  1. My bracelet that I got for Christmas - it's by Links of London - look at my little charm!



    Wow are these as huge as they seem to be? No idea how to resize!
  2. Your bracelet is so cute!! LOVE the loubie charm!
  3. Cute!
  4. omds they do a cl charm?
    im bringing my bracelet into link next week!!
  5. hehe thanks guys - knew you would like it! If anyone remembers I posted a charm necklace that I have also with a Christian Louboutin charm on it too :smile:

    lilgooseberry - it's not advertised as a CL charm - it's called Vixen Pump - how appropriate! and on the website it doesn't even show you the red sole. One of my friends noticed instore and called me all excitedly because she knew I would just love it!
  6. ^^
    aww thankew for the info and enlightenment =D
    dances around! gonna get one for my Sister in Law as well!
  7. Sooo cute! It's like a baby declic.
  8. great find!
  9. Aww posh, its lovely! Really like links bracelets. I almost bought one a while ago but i just thought on me it was too chunky! :sad:

    My SIL has one and wants the shoe charm .. although she isnt into CL's! So thank you for the link!!!

  10. Ohh I want it as a keychain!