NOT purse related...just need some peace of mind!!

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  1. I have to get my very first root canal tomorrow and I'm scared to death. Please someone tell me its really not that bad???!!! I have a valium to take 30 minutes before and I will get laughing gas as well...the surgeon said 30 minutes top and I will be done. Is it really hell????
  2. I dont want to lie so, !!! You will need those pain killers for sure, You will feel pretty drowsy afterwards, I believe its done in 2/3 stages depending on how much bone loss has occurred.

    Take care,

    Keep us posted,
  3. I had a couple of root canals and it was fine. I didn't feel the process and afterwards it didn't bother me too much.
  4. Laughing gas is a blast, but afterwards is no fun I'm sure (I've never had a root canal). I did have all wisdom teeth cut out at once & I had very little pain.
  5. Sunshine, I probably have the worse case on root canal about two year ago. I had to have 4 root canals in one tooth. My dentist had to send me to the Othodentist (sp), not a regular dentist but he is a special doctor for root canal etc..and I was scared to death too but actually it wasn't so bad at all. He was so good and the whole time he worked he comforted me. I had to come three times for the doctor to finish working on my tooth. But he did a good job and I never have any problem with it again. Yours is probably is the easy one so not too worry. The doc already said 30 minutes it sounds like an easy job!. So don't will be fine. I hope that helps. :smile:
  6. Personally I have had 2 root canals. I just make sure they give me plenty of novacain. And be sure to ask for some painkillers for afterwards. My pain wans't that bad...but the painkillers come in handy at night, when you are trying to sleep. You'll be fine.
  7. I've also had 2 root canals but I didn't even need those super duper painkillers they prescribe to u. They were making me far too drowsy.
  8. I had a root canal recently, as did my husband. The process itself wasn't bad at all. I'd even call it painless. Once the anesthesia wore off, there was a good deal of pain but it was all easily controlled with Motrin 800s. I just took a Motrin 800 every six hours for the next three days and didn't have to miss a thing in my life. And honestly didn't even notice pain by the following morning.

    And antibiotics helped eliminate the infection that caused me to seek treatment in the first place within four or five days. Good luck! It's not so bad, but I hope you can avoid future root canals.
  9. Thank you ladies. I'm trying my best to just not think about it and hope it will be over quick. The dentist did say it was small absese so hopefully it will be as quick as they say. I just wish they would give me a local, do what they have to and then wake me! Does the laughing gas make you feel all wierd? I am not a big pill person so the valium should take the anxiety away..oh well..I could go on and on..Thanks again for the kind words. I'm sure I will be tucked in bed for the afternoon tomorrow with my lap top handy so I will speak to you all tomorrow!
  10. I have had a few root canals and never had a problem with any of them. I did take a valium for my anxiety ( hate dentists and doctors) but did not have any problems at all. I always bring a cd player and just plug in my music and the time flies by. I think if you could do music to distract you-it will be great. I don't even remember taking any pain medication after exzcept for Motrin. I never filled the pain medications because I didn't need them. Good luck. 30 minutes means it is super easy---don't get yourself so worked up about it because you probably will have more anxiety worrying about it than the actual thing. It will be fine and you will be OK. Have confidence in yourself.
  11. Can you choose to have general anesthetic for root canals? I had it when I had 4 wisdom teeth out...
  12. Let me tell you,I am/was deathly afraid of the dentist !!!!! TYpically I leave before they call me back there! BUT! I had a root canal last year and it was not bad at all. I mean you are totally numb on both sides, and they use the realy powerful nerve blockers since they do so much manipulation in there You will be totally fine!!
  13. I've had 4 root canals, by 2 different dentists, and honestly it wasn't that bad. I suppose it would depend on the level of experience your dentist has.
    My first dentist was super high tech, he had a funky machine that beeped to let him know where the nerve was. The other doctor is more old school, and awesome. He does the best work, and he makes sure you're comfortable. It's not exactly fun, but it's not horrible. On a scale of 1 through ten, I'd give it a 3 or 4, and that's just for the ick factor. LOL The pain isn't that bad.
    Good luck, it'll be alright!:smile:
  14. I have also had 4 root canals. It is so pain free. During and after. Its as easy as a filling. Really, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. It will be over before you know it.
  15. I made out ok. I never had any pain. Hope your experience is as good as mine was.