not pregnant but havent got period in 3 mths

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  1. need help plzzz .. i havent have my period for 3 mths .. have tested wif 2 different tests n results were negative .. wats wrong wif me ? :shrugs:

    my last intercourse was on early oct and after i did it .. i had my period straight away .. n since then my period hasnt come yet .. :s

    any advise for me ? thxx
  2. definately make an appointment to see your doctor. could be plenty of things that are disturbing your cycle: ie; medications you are taking or other health issues.
  3. yes, please see a doctor.
  4. You should definitely see a doctor. Some things that could affect this is:

    A pregnancy (maybe you got false negatives on the tests?)
    Your weight
    Medications or Illness
    Cyst on Ovaries
    and more.....

    you should have it checked out.
  5. one note. before you freak out, i once went 5 months without and there was nothing wrong with me. it related back to stress
  6. but you should see a dr.
  7. yup you need to see a doctor...
    I used to stop getting my period too whenever I get stressed
    but I make sure to see my doctor to be sure its okay.
  8. Sometimes my cycle gets way out of whack when I'm stressed out or have done a lot of overseas travel.

    However since it's been 3 months please get to a doctor and have her check things just to be sure.
  9. This happened to me once as well - I think about 4 mos went by for me. I had a really irregular cycle before I went on the pill. I never really figured out if anything was wrong but I think it was stress. Is your cycle normally regular? You may have a hormone imbalance or it could be stress or iron-related. A dr can help you figure it out.
  10. yeah my cycle is usually regular .. thats why now im quite concerned wif my condition . hmphh .. ok .. i think i will make appt wif my OB .. thanks for the advises .. :smile:
  11. I've had that happen several times, but do see your doctor. My doctor would usually give me something to make my period come if it went for over three months.
  12. please see a MD, my cousin is in the same situation, she hasnt had her period in months and shes not pregnant. She went to the MD and found out she had cysts on her ovaries..
  13. Or it could be stress
  14. I've had months without my period too...BUT that was when I was malnourished. When you don't eat enough, you period becomes extreme irregular. Are you having the nutrients you need? Are you underweight? That might be a factor if you are. But definitely see a doctor!
  15. If one is underweight or exercising too much they can lose their period. It happened to me when running track years ago. Not so much today... lol.