Not practical but soooo beautiful!!

  1. Some of our members here have that bag. It's so gorgeous!
  2. it's TDF :love:
  3. It is beautiful.
  4. I's gorgeous.....imagine the heads you'd turn in the airport or checking into your hotel LOL! But yea...I'd be sooooo paranoid about scratches!
  5. I can't trust those airport staff with this. Even if i buy this, i don't think i will ever dare to check it in..... :wtf:
  6. Its too pretty to feast my eyes on, not to mention using her!
  7. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  8. Its amazing! But i don't think i could trust myself using it lol!
  9. It's so pretty! If I had one I would be so afraid to use it.
  10. That is SOOO hot! I wouldn't bring it on a air trip, but a road trip or a cruise? FOR SURE!!!
  11. Lol, I have it in Amarante, I'll be using it on car trips only. :love:

  12. that bag is delicious! DELICIOUS in both colors!
  13. It looks HOT in Amarante and delicious in Pomme. :p :drool: