Not Petite Enough

  1. For my petite form, THE EPI PETITE NOE

    Does anyone has this problem? whould I punch another hole on the trap? Advice guys?

    oh.. btw, i'm 5'3
  2. I am far from petite, so I cannot relate. However, I would not punch a hole in any LV that I own. Just my opinion.
  3. I thought the petite noe will be quite small but it is actually not too much different from the noe...

    is there anyway to find mini noe now? does it come in epi or only monogram canvas and mini monogram?
  4. What exactly is the problem? Is the strap too long? Is it sitting TOO LOW on your hips?

    Are you trying to punch another whole on the strap to make it shorter, is that what you mean?
    SMALLER136.jpg SMALLER128.jpg

    Isn't the strap short enough?
  5. I'm 5'3 and use the petit noe :smile: love it !
    I have mine on the 2nd from last so its not on the shortest hole
  6. i had the mini noelie in monogram and now i have the mini noelie in mini's a pretty small if u have a thicker wallet (like the koala) then u won't be able to fit much...

    u can still buy the mini noelie in monogram at select retail stores..why don't u call 866-vuitton and ask? as for the mini noelie in mini monogram...i'm not sure u can find it in stores's been discontinued, but no harm asking when u call!


  7. i called guys.. no more mini mono mini noelie anywhere in the US. anymore
    as for the epi petite noe i just got... it's sitting below my hip bones and i'm using the very last hole.. still seems long..

    maybe a picture will help... brb with picture
  8. '

    I know the Mini Noe is very much available in the Monogram canvas on ELux and the Boutiques...

    I'm not sure about other lines though...
  9. i remember when i bought my mini noelie in monogram they said they didn't hv the mini noelie in epi...
  10. darn.. my sister took the camera to school

    the lady i talked to from Vuitton said mini noelie doesn't come in epi and mini mono has already been discontinued.. sold out everywhere in the US. too (sob sob)
    and the monogram canvas pretty much still available, but not a whole lot, very limited cuz in CA, Rodeo dr. has 2, costa mesa has 1, bevery center has 1
    i asked about special order a mini noelie in epi, she said it's not possible, wahhh.. wahhh...
  11. I don't understand, I am 5' barely 1" and the petit noe looks perfect not low at all, it's perfect with the last hole. I wish I had a pic to show you. With this structure, you won't be able to access inside the bag if it sits too high up.
  12. I'm 5'1", and I love it. Mine is on the last hole. I will say though, when I first got it, I had to get used to it because of the vachetta bottom being stiff, I wasn't used to the shape. But now it's my favorite bag.
  13. I totally agree...I 'm wondering if the EPI Petit Noe style is a little different than the Monogram canvas, because I'm a little over 5'6" and the STRAP IS NOT LONG ENOUGH for my taste!!

    Even on the first whole which makes the strap the longest, I still wish it were a little longer!!:shrugs:

    We need PICS, welovelouie!!:yes:
  14. here guys... i took some pictures

    Please be honest.. thanks guys






  15. ^^^ That looks totally fine! I am five feet tall and my Petite Noe looked fine on me.