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  1. Does anyone know why there are no offical Chanel sellers online? :confused1: You'd think they'd want more customers, why doesn;t want more money? :graucho: I wanted to get a chanel bag, but I like shopping online. It's easier imo.
  2. My theory is to keep this aura of "exclusivity" for the brand. (Which I think is silly.)
  3. It makes it a lot harder for me to buy Chanel. I dont live anywhere near a Chanel boutique, and itd be so much easier if there were offical Chanel sellers online. I go through a lot of trouble to get Chanel, and it'd just be a lot easier if they had offical Chanel sellers.
  4. I may be confusing labels, but doesn't Chanel have outlets? I know they have sales , which certain labels like LV never have. So, this makes them exclusive but a website won't? Very silly. :roflmfao:
  5. living 2+ hrs. from the nearest Chanel boutique makes it hard to keep up with new styles, but that is why tPF is so great! everyone is so good about posting photos of the new bags, colors, prices, etc. plus, when a member knows where a specific bag someone is looking for - they are happy to help out. the "authenticate" thread helps you to buy a new authentic bag too (and sometimes for a bit less.) people here are just GREAT!
  6. I hate that they don't have online stores too! It's so annoying.
  7. there's SO many threads about this, please do a search:yes:
  8. It also helps peopel distinguish btw authentic and fake goods online. If we all know chanel does not sell online we will know that all chanel sold online (with exception to ebay and second hand bag sellers) all new chanels would be suspiciously fake....

    Balenciagas also do not sell online most of the time and they do not allow their stockists to even post pictures online and you need to do phone orders. I think its to protect their brand and authenticity issues as opposed to exclusivity (in Balenciagas case anyways)
  9. I agree with this. Here in Hong Kong, it is very hard to find Chanel rare handbags.. Only the ugly ones are here in Hong Kong.. Hehe.. I just hope that they sell online too, like Louis Vuitton for!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.