Not one...but 2 Heloises! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to share my first Chloes with you ladies. I've never owned a Chloe before, but in one fell swoop I now own 2 beautiful Heloises :yahoo: I know the orange is very loud and completely impractical, but I absolutely :heart: it so I don't care. This is the beginning of a new love affair with wallet will not be happy :graucho:

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  2. Beautiful bags, congrats-- the Heloise is addicting, as are all Chloes.
  3. Thank you :smile: and I know what you mean about the addiction...I'm already contemplating a quilted Bay.
  4. Impractical Shmimpractical! Let the bag be the star, I say! I love a gorgeous, brightly coloured bag - with a matching or a clashing outfit! They're both stunning...
  5. What a bright and colorful twosome! It's hard to choose isn't it. IF IN DOUBT - GET BOTH !!! Great philosophy :roflmfao:
  6. I love the Red Helo -- it is soooo gorgeous!!! I'm not as crazy about the Patent Leather Orange, but that's because I'm not a fan of Patent Leather and/or the color orange. Still - WOW!!! Where did you get them from? I'm assuming they were on sale (aren't they last season's colors?).

    Still -- that's absolutely wonderful!! I will be joining the "Heloise Club" early next week and cannot wait -- I wish I had the $$ to buy 2 at once.

    Let's see a couple of modeling pics - huh?? Congrats on 2 gorgeous bags (how will you ever decide on which one to use???):tup:
  7. Congrats on your two fab Heloise and welcome to the Society of Chloe Addicts!
  8. They are gorgeus:love:
  9. Gorgeous Helis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    The orange can be unpractical...but she is so beautiful :yes:.
  10. Welcome to Chloe addiction, lovemel. Your new bags are just gorgeous. :love:
  11. Oh fell and you fell hard.....

    I have the patent heloise in the burgendy and love big, but useful sometimes when you need to take a LOT of stuff.
  12. I am a very practical person and I don't think the orange is impractical at all! Its SO bright that it can be used as a splash of color to a conservative outfit!

    I :heart::heart::heart: the red too! I think you've made two great choices!
  13. congrats and those bags are a beauty, as for practical or not, i think what counts is the love of the bag!i'm sur you'll find a cool outfit (summer or dark colours) that'll just make that colourful bag even more amazing!
  14. Wow, congrats!!!
  15. Thank you everyone for your kind comments...I don't know why I waited so long to take the plunge into chloe bags, but I'm sure glad I did! I bought the red one off ebay (are we allowed to say that here?) and the orange one was a gift from my significant other (he didn't pick it out though...I definately had a role in that...hehe). At first I felt a little strange carrying the bright orange bag out and about because I thought it might be too loud, but now I just love the pop of color that it adds and I wear a lot of neutrals so it seems to work (at least in my opinion ;) ). Thanks again everyone!