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  1. Here's a code
  2. Thanks so much! Just used!
  3. Yay!!! I was hoping you would grab one

  4. Thanks! I'm supposed to be on bedrest but got up a few times to look for a code and put an order in. A few really nice people have been helping me out, and I knew they'd love those Valentine's Day wristlets so I wanted to get that for them. I also wanted to get the Bleecker Camo bag - I did not like the leather ones in person, but love the look of the brown florals, plus there was a Bleecker zip wristlet (the one with dots) that I think would be fun in the summer.

    I was hoping to get the 30% one but I'm happy with the 25% one. The frustrating thing is that I have a code sitting on my email on another computer - and of course I can't download it to the laptop I'm on since I need to see the email addy (it's one I use only for rarely used retails - so funny that they sent the PCE to that email!!). Right now I have stay horizontal and that computer seems like it could be in another country right now.
  5. Here's 2 more
  6. Thanks so much will be using QC013705
  7. Thank you so much, used the second one!