Not near a store, what to do?

  1. How do you girls who live a ways from a NM or other Chanel do your shopping? I am an hour and a half from a store, but really would like to make a purchase. Any suggestions? Any good SA to recommend I call?
  2. I'm in the same situation. Call a Saks store and have the bag shipped to you. I recommend Joseph from the NYC Saks. Hes really nice and helpful!
  3. do you have his phone #?
  4. You can call the # for the NYC store on the Saks website and ask to be connected to Chanel handbags
  5. I beleive there is a post about Saks SAs, if you do a seaech you can probably find it..I think someone posted his cell phone #..
  6. Or you can call the Chanel 800 no or any of the Chanel boutiques. If you live in a state that has no Chanel boutique, you pay no sales tax. Same if there is no Saks, NM, etc in your state. Just pay shipping. If you do see a bag you like when you're away from home, buy it and have it sent to you, thus no tax charged. (This only works if your state doesn't have the brick and mortar store.)