Not my First Purchase but My First Bag

  1. For years now my Daughter is always sending me to Buy her Coach Bags for every occasion under the sun. Last year was the first year I bought her a bag without her choosing it first; it was a Walnut Leather Bag with Fur a Limited Edition; but I thought it was the cutest bag. Now im not big on Fabric Bags; so this was the First Leather one and its actually what gave me an incentive to buy my own bag; but because I buy them for her I havent wanted to spend that kind of money on myself. But recently my Father Passed and I came into an Inheritance so I decided this year once I receive that Discount Card that is sent every year I would treat myself to a Leather Bag.

    So I had been looking at the Catalogue and Online Coach Site and fell In Love with the Lily Leather Satchel; I liked it in the Whiskey Color; but didnt realize that was the color when I was ready to order. So then the Discount Card Came and I went to Coach to buy my girls their Annual Christmas Gifts from Coach and was planning on getting the Lily. Although they didnt have any in the store they said they could order it for me & the discount would apply; so they told me their were 30 left of the Lily Satchel in Walnut; so I ordered it; thinking it was the Whiskey Color.

    So Today my bag came and I realized it wasnt the color I preferred; but the Quality of the Bag and Craftmanship blew me away; it is an amazing bag; but really heavy; I know my lower backaches are going to start again when using it; but no way can I return it. It is an amazing bag; I called Coach because they asked me to come down their and show it to them when it came in; and I asked if they could order me the same bag in Black; and they said not till January. Now after reading your forums I find this bag comes in different sizes; this bag is gigantic; im assuming it's the xlarge; 1198.00 bag. How do you find this out about the various sizes; i saw no mention of sizes on the online coach site. Help for future shopping and larger selections would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Congrats on getting the regular Lily! It is quite beautiful but yes, it's LARGE in size. I think the website actually does give you it's correct dimensions. But the smaller Lily you're referring to is the MEDIUM Lily (sometimes called the "Mini" Lily) that is currently available by word of mouth but not available on yet. But many of us on the Purse Forum got word of it and people are ordering it right now. You'll find some threads on this subject with some photos, too, if you need visual reference. The Medium Lily is not only slightly smaller than the Regular Lily, it's also a bit different in it's design - although they're both similar in style. I think they're both very beautiful bags no matter the size. :tup: Congrats again on your gorgeous purchase!
  3. I am confused, the Lily didn't come in Walnut as far as I know.

    I got the Lily in Whiskey, the XL for $1198 and it sold out back in Nov. To my knowledge the XL only came in Black (some more coming next month), Whiskey (sold out and not for scheduled for additional release), and Atlantic (a REALLY cool blue sold out and not coming back out).

    Now there is a medium $768, technically not out in stores, that I just got in Black and it also comes in Camel (currently on backorder).

    Could you post pictures and let us know the price of your bag so we know which one you got?

    One issue is that they were release in different catalogs and the new (medium 11625) is not on the website, only the XL (11150).
  4. That was exactly what I thought; I had looked at it on the Website; I even called the 800 # to see if they could get me any other color but the Black and they told me no. Then when I got my Discount Coupon I went to Coach in Freehold Mall, NJ; and asked the Sales Rep to see if it came in any other colors; she came back and said yes they have 8 left in Black and 30 left in Walnut. So I ordered the Walnut not actually being sure if that was the correct color I wanted; and when it came in it is not like the Lily im seeing pictured everywhere which is a Whiskey color; this is a Walnut Color; Ill try to post a Pic up later. But today when I called Coach again to let them know I received it and thinking of ordering another in Black and one for my sister in Walnut; they looked it up and said Black was completely sold out and they only had 8 left in Walnut.
  5. Well I paid 1198 - the 25% discount from the Card. Im going to give you the Info that is on my Coach Receipt:

    11150 B4/WL 1 @ WZWNI $1198

    Then at the bottom of the Reciept

    I was surprised too; I actually didnt think it was really going to be delivered because of what is said on the Website and I had called CS and they told me only the Black could be ordered. So Im assuming they hold things for Store Purhcases only; from what they were saying they put the order in directly to the warehouse and when they did put the order thru at the cash register the manager came over to see if the warehouse accepted the order and they did. And just today I was told they have 8 left in Walnut; if your interested just pm me and i can give you the Store phone # and the Sales rep who ordered it for me.

    Hope this helped
  6. I cant wait to see pics of the Walnut! Sounds gorgeous!! Congrats!:tup:
  7. I put the Picture as my Avatar so you can see the Color of the Lily Xlarge in Walnut.

    This Picture is almost true to color; it may actually be a little darker that this pic and not as bright brown as this pic portrays but its close. Its more of a brown compared to the lightness of the whiskey color that I saw in Harpers mag and on the Website. But it definately is a true Walnut Color. Also a ?; what leather protector would you use on these Bags. As Im noticing Surface Scratching on the Leather Already; which I dont mind the way leather wears; but right now being new I dont want to see Leather Scratches; lol. You can tell ive been touching and playing around with it all afternoon. Just realized while taking the Pics that they Put plastic Layers over all the Buckling; it was so transparent I didnt even notice it at first.

    Hope this gives you a Better idea of the color of my Lily Bag.
  8. Hi Misty. I just wanted to say "hi" since the Freehold Store is my local store as well!
  9. Hi Donnalynn; actually Im closer to the Woodbridge Coach; but Freehold always seems to have a larger selection in The Colors than Woodbridge; and I have also gone to Short Hills Coach because they will sometimes carry the Higher End Bags as wel as the Ltd Edition Bags. So its nice to actually have a 3 Coach Stores all less than 30 miles away from me. Freehold is the one I make 95% of my purchases from; I like to be able to run into a few stores their as well that my daughter loves so I can get alot done in that mall.

    Not sure if anyone missed my other ? - What do you think is the best leather Protector to put on the Coach Bags?
  10. congrats....welcome to coach world...
  11. Mysty, that's so cool that you got a bag in a color we didn't even know existed! Can you attach the pic so we can see it bigger? The avatar is beautiful but I'd love to see a bigger picture of it!

    I love walnut and am waiting for something to come out in that color that I can actually afford and use! LOL! I'm afraid this one is not only out of my price range but is way too big for me too! But it sure is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. I adore the Lily! What a beautiful bag!!
  13. Gorgeous bag! I love how rich that brown looks! What a great find!