not much of a collection

  1. I am taking more but here are two I have
    hand made by me: both pics same bag
    PHOT0003.JPG PHOT0004.JPG

    my coach
  2. Both are very cute bags ... thanks for sharing! Your doggie is so cute in your Coach bag!
  3. Wow, I wish I could make purses as nice as you do. Unfortunetly, I'm not very talented with a needle and thread. That's a really cute Coach purse too!
  4. Aww they are so cute i love your dog, you are so talented to make your own bags good job.
  5. I love all three of them & your little puppy is adorable!! I wish I could make beautiful purses like yours (the 2nd one is my favorite of the two) :heart:
  6. very cute bags!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  7. Cute collection!!
  8. heres more, i have more still.




    these 3 above where handmade in Vietnam.

    1038 15.75.jpg

    1334 14.75.jpg
    these two i just purchased and haven't gotten yet. as soon as my camera comes back from being fixed i will take pics of the rest of my bags
  9. :amazed: Those bags from Vietnam are amazing!! Beautiful:heart:
  10. thanks i get so many complaments. they are 100% silk. I can share the site I got them if you want. Just let me know

  11. Here is my lastest bag I made, My friend happened to come by and happened to have her camera, so I took a quick pic, sorry it's dark. click on it it's not as dark that way

  12. Please do! TIA!
  13. cute bags..
  14. Cute bags!
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