Not mine to keep, but I have a Whiskey, temporarily

  1. So DH bought Mom her very own paddy (from ElizThomas) for Christmas. He got caught up in the "I can't find any new whiskey" whirlwind so he grabbed this one from her before the holiday shopping hits hards.

    I posted one pic, but it was taken with my cell phone :sad:

    I'll try and pop up a few more later.

    It's very pretty, not quite as pebbly as I would prefer, but Mom is going to ADORE it!! :love:
  2. She's a lucky lady. It looks terrific! I just got mine and I absolutely love it. I'm now looking for a chocolate paddy, maybe the baby one.
  3. it's soo pretty.. your DH rocks for buying your mom such a fab purse!!!

  4. I forgot just how much I love the Whiskey. It's got deep golden undertones, some reddish hues.

    It is truly the color of a fine whiskey. It's dead on to exact shade of Booker's and the Weller Special Reserve :P A littler richer than the color of my favorite single malt, Lagavulin:tispy:
  5. So beautiful! The color is amazing! Your mom is going to love it! :love:
  6. Ooo, IF it stays in it's box until CHRISTMAS!


  7. lol... are you going to take it out for a spin? :graucho:

    btw that's SO sweet of your DH to get one for your mom!!!! :girlsigh:
  8. It's tempting!!!!


    The whiskey is an amazing color: why don't I have one??? hee hee

    No,I'll be good and keep her in her dust bag, all locked up until the
    Holidays. DH is a doll and Mom is going to LOVE it!! :yahoo:

  9. ^lol, that right, at least you'll have that new ivory/blanc to help you cope :graucho:
  10. Wore mine today on a flight from Miami to two compliments! One from a passenger and one from the flight attendant - both on the color!
  11. Hey ladies, being of the uber-paranoid about paddy's, I noticed something about the lock config on Mom's whiskey.

    Here are pics of my three locks (whiskey on the left in both cases).

    The bottom rivets are the same on my mousse and choco, but different on the whiskey.

    Also, the serial numbers are the same on mousse and choco, but different on the whiskey:

    Whiskey = 01-06-51-5353
    Mousse = 02-06-51-5191
    Choco = 02-06-51-5191

    Should I be concerned?????? :sad:
    locks.jpeg sn.jpeg
  12. Ok, so those pics look terrible to me (my monitor isn't the greatest)...

  13. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Chloe is sooo inconsistent w/ their serial numbers, etc.. I know two people who have a taupe paddy.. both w/ different serial number formats, however both authentic.

    Don't be paranoid, D, it's all good :flowers:
  14. Thank you!!

    More than anything it *feels* right.

    Having held and hated a fake I think it would stand out if it weren't a genuine Chloe product.


  15. If you look at pics on NAP or Aloha Rag or Japan's Diabro, you will notice variations in the placement of the rivets. Just another inconsistency to frustrate us. I think we are so scared of fakes that we are too quick to cry foul based on too little information or mis-information.