Not many Mulberry's around

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  1. On Friday I was at the NEC at the Homebuilding show. While eating lunch my friend & I played bag watch, the bag of choice was Radley for the older lady & LV for the younger. I only spotted 3 Mulberry's the whole time i was there, & it was 3 much older ladies that were carrying them? I was supprised to see an older lady with a roxy.
    What was even more supprising, my friend ended up chatting to Alex Best who looked really glam but had no handbag, I was very dissapointed as she probably has a beautiful collection although her gentleman friend however had a prada mans bag & prarda brothel creepers.
    Not a fan of the whole man bag think.....
  2. man bag thing
  3. I found that the only place I saw quite a few Mulberry bags was when I went to Bicester - but then I suppose that this because there is a Mulberry shop there! Where I go shopping normally does not have a Mulberry store. I was really on 'bag watch' when I went to Bicester - even my hubby got in on the action!
  4. Just took my lads to a pirate party and noticed one of the Mum's was carrying a Mulberry (pasadena i think it was). i'm always bag watching!!!
  5. I'm always bag watching, too. Spotted a horrendous fake Annie being carried by someone in Primark yesterday :yucky:
  6. Yep, Im constantly bag watching aswell. I hardly ever see any around here though, so when I do I cannot resist telling whoever is with me... which is usually the OH, and the whole bag thing goes completely over his head!
  7. I always keep a look out in London. The City is good for Baywaters and Ledburys, but you rarely see genuine Mulberry bags in the West End compared to other designer bags.

    Radley appears to be the bag of choice for women visiting London, I bagwatch whilst waiting for my trains at Euston and there are always loads of Radley bags on ladies arriving from up North. I like the plainer styled Radleys and have a couple of their cross-body messengers (which I actually prefer in looks to some of Mulberry's....don't shoot me!) but I always, always remove the dinky little dog tag thing before wearing them.
  8. Ive got a dark brown accross the body radley messenger - dont use it that often but its really useful for when I need to be 'hands free'. It has had some use, and been soaked with rain (untreated) but still looks good.

    Not keen on some of the other radley styles at all though. And I think the tiny ones are just a bit pointless!
  9. I always seem to see a lot about in Manchester.I have seen a few Poppies and Agyness's.
    I see the odd Mabel and Roxy about,and I got mobbed when I went in Selfs with my aqua Rox by sa's and customers!
  10. I'm always bag watching. I notice someone's bag before their clothes or their face.
    I guess with Mulberry originating from Somerset, it's more well known in the south west & I always see plenty when I'm in Bath. There's usually a few Roxies & lots of Bayswaters.
    Last visit I spotted a rather elegant caramel coloured Kensington and a few Annies dangling fetchingly off the back of pushchairs.
    Last time I flew home from Nice there was a woman carrying an oak Phoebe - we ended up having a great chat about Mulberry in the departure lounge!
    Can't imagine Alex Best would be a Mulberry girl somehow!
  11. SJ, I'm not sure what bag I can place her with but she was so nice. She comes across awlful in the press, she was actually really nice & quite attractive - immaculatly dressed!

  12. Hope she had her chest in!! Guess she doesn't help herself with the immense amounts of fake tan & the almost there clothes she's usually snapped in.
  13. I saw someone today with Rosemary. I think it depends where you are too, if I go to Bedford I am very unlikely to see any designer bags whereas if I go to Hitchin or St Albans then I do see people with designer bags, I have seen a few Oak Roxy's in Hitchin and in St Albans I saw about 4 or 5 Mulberry's. I do think that us on here are in the minority, most people do not spend over even £100 on a bag, let alone have lots. I'm a teacher and in my school there are other teachers, some whose husbands have good jobs and not one of them uses expensive bags, most use plastic bags. I would be embarrassed for them to know how much I have spent on bags. So I think in general most people in the UK, US etc don't have expensive bags hence not seeling many Mulberry's - did that make sense?!!:confused1:
  14. ^^^^
    Yes that made sense! most of my friends wouldn't spend more than £30 on a bag. in fact one almost hyperventilated when I said I got an Orla kiely in the sale last year for £50 ! think she'd die if she knew how much a mulberry cost! So, tend not to discuss my bags with anyone except on here. Even my Mum just rolls her eyes when i mention a new bag, even though i can really see my Mum with a choco ledbury- maybe if I see one at the outlet i could treat her! ( I showed her a piccie of one on the website and she liked it!)
  15. Yeah I see what your saying. I just thought I'd see more Mulberrys as there was an older crowd at the NEC & most people there had afair bit of money. Although my friend & i decided most people were old money hence not dressing too flash or trying to hard to look glam but also the most the women there who had got nice bags probably wouldnt consider mulberry at desinger label.