NOT made in the USA

  1. Okay, I think I'm in shock AND really angry.

    Background: I placed an order April 27 for an ink Kitana Shoulder bag. I have contacted CS 5 times by e-mail and 2 or 3 times by live chat. The order just kept saying "processing" and no one 1) could tell me anything via live chat about what was going on with my order or 2) would get back to me or respond to my e-mails. This may be why:

    I finally called CS. (I hadn't tried before because I was under the obviously false impression that their number didn't work anymore.) I got someone who finally told me that the bag was en route from the factory and would be shipped to me as soon as they received it.

    Okay, well, I was told THAT two weeks ago. I mean, how long does it take to ship these bags from the factory to HH?! So I asked, "Exactly where is this factory?" The response: "The Far East."

    So there you have it. Not only are they no longer made in the USA, not only do you have to wait for the bag to be made upon ordering it, YOU ARE WAITING FOR IT TO SHIP FROM THE FAR EAST.

    And it ain't fast shipping, my friends, as my bag has been en route for two weeks now and they can't tell me when they expect to receive it.

    Because I do not wish to break TPF rules or subject you lovely ladies to a foul-mouthed rant, I will refrain. However, I'm thinking it. A lot of it.
  2. fabae, that's awful how long you have been waiting for your kitana and how CS has been giving you the runaround. I would be really angry too, and honestly your complaints and quality complaints from other TPF members has kept me from placing any orders. But I was under the impression though that only the collection bags claimed to be made in the U.S.? Did the Kitana's description say it was made in the U.S.?
  3. I THOUGHT that they'd switched to manufacturing in the USA because it was taking too long or costing too much (taxes? duties? whatever?) to manufacture in China. I was almost positive that everything was being made in NY. Can anyone else chime in here?
  4. fabae -
    First of all, I've been reading your SAGA over this bag and I know that it has been a total annoyance for you - and honestly, you've been MORE than patient. I hope the bag is totally worth it....GRRRRRRRR!!!!

    As for the MADE IN THE US - I've believe it's only the select few bags (the collection?) that are made stateside - hence the higher price point????

    We feel your pain......REALLY!
  5. Right, it's just the Collection bags that are US made.
  6. I am sorry to hear this. I would be very very pissed too .I have been a fan of theirs circa 2006/2007/2008 and then lost interest after hearing all these stories.

    I really hope this bag is worth it..good luck!!
    Although I am eyeing their Havana in Ochre..:graucho:
  7. Def not good news in any way! I'm sorry for your long wait..and this is not a good start for the revival of HH! I had and still have a lot of HH-bags, and really enjoy I ..too...was looking forward for the new bags..and now I'm really not that sure any longer..
  8. My bad. I thought that - before handing the company over to these other people - that Toni had made the decision to have all bags made in the US because of the issues with the overseas factory. I can't find a tag that says "made in.." on my Nackie, so I can't back myself up there. :rolleyes:

    I don't know how I missed that. I TOTALLY thought they had switched them all to the US.
  9. ^I thought they did too fabae....I just thought the colors and leather were different for the collection bags...