not lv related but i would love opinions please.

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  1. hi ladies and gents, i normally post on this subforum so i figured i could ask for opinions here aswell.
    this area gets more traffic than the "handbags" subforum...
    Barneys will be holding a 20% of (october 28-november 4th) to help raise funds for a charity and i decided that would be a perfect time to get my first non lv designer bag!
    im debating between a ysl easy or a givenchy nightingale
    i would get the easy in a black textured leather or the nightinale in the washed brown croc stamped or black textured leather as well, i feel like i like the croc stamp but idk if i will continue to like it and i know i will always use and like a black bag..
    opinions please and if you need a reference i can post pictures
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.