Not Loving My Vintage Duffle

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  1. So I got this vintage duffle 9060 off of the bay and it came to me very soft and floppy which I loved. It was listed as well worn and it was indeed very scuffed, but I liked the vintage leather look. So I did my usual soaking and conditioning. As usual, it dried more "stiff" as most vintage Coaches do after a bath, which is great to reshape it but not if you wanted a floppy duffle. I soaked it for the clean factor, but after getting it wet and having the mold/spew fiasco I mentioned in the rehab thread, plus having a scuffed yet STIFF gigantic duffle bag, I'm not loving it quite so much.

    I've used Lexol but ordered some Leather CPR. I just want it to be soft and puddly again and not feel like a crusty old saddle LOL

    Maybe the CPR will give me what I'm looking for. I will post some pics....
  2. All is not lost. If it was soft before soaking it will get back to it with use. Just squish it in your hands regularly. Judging by the new leather and used leather, everything is going softer.
  3. When this happens to me, I use Leather Honey or mink oil. Lexol is too lightweight of a conditioner. You can also try Obenaufs LP and apply heat.
  4. The mentioning of Lexol and old saddles makes me wonder if you're also a horse person. If so, welcome to the Coach horsey people club! :wave:

    I like the Leather Therapy conditioner, mainly because I can get it at my local tack store, but I've heard good things about Leather CPR. It should relax in time with a better quality conditioner. I hope it works out for you!

  5. Not personally, but I am a Cajun country girl and everyone I knew growing up seemed to have a horse or two, so I've been around it all my life

    Thanks for your help ladies! I'm going to try a few different things.

    I've become a bit more paranoid about mold since starting this thread. I don't see it anymore, but I feel like a get a bit of a sore throat every time I handle the bag, and our pollen count is low right now so I'm wondering about this. No bag is worth getting sick over, but I'd like to try another bath with something a little more heavy duty to soak in and disinfect. Maybe a high concentration of vinegar?
  6. Ok guys, I dumped half of a gallon jug of vinegar into my kitchen sink and mixed with water and tea tree oil. It's soaking now. Fingers crossed!
  7. Wow! That is a dramatic move! Keep us updated.
  8. Hi! I rehabbed a vintage Duffle Sac not too long ago. Washed with Dawn, conditioned with Leather CPR & Blackrock & 'trained' its slouch. I've also used Obenauf's Oil on other bags. It sounds like the LP also suggested contains the same ingredients, just different consistency & application. It's supposed to help dry leather, break it in & resist mold & bacteria. (Info on their website.)

    Since rehabbing, I've used my bag a decent amount & it continues to get squishy. I remind myself that, in some cases, bags have had 40 years to soften & patina.

    Good luck! Looking forward to updates & photos. :smile:

  9. I would love to see your vintage duffle! Do post pics if you're feeling up to it. I didn't know Oben's resisted mold. I'm going to order some right now.

    And Marisaa, I guess I figured I don't have much to lose if the bag is making me have a reaction. But I will be sure to keep you guys posted! I let it soak for a full hour, then 15 mins of additional soaking in plain hot water. It's out now and laying on a towel. The mildew smell is gone! I knew the vinegar would eliminate the smell because I once used it to completely get rid of a strong cigarette odor in another vintage Coach I own and it did so 100%. I love my vinegar! Now the test of whether or not it killed the spores. The brass hardware is also very bright now after the vinegar soak!

    On a side note, this bag is so wiggly and dark and luscious when it's soaking wet, I wish it would stay that way lol

  10. This should be the link to my rehab post:

    Happy to hear the mildew smell is gone! I love vinegar too. I use it instead of fabric softener & for some surface cleaning a lot in the kitchen.

    There's a bunch to read on the Obenauf's site. I've only used the oil & on darker vintage bags. I believe many more have used the LP.

  11. Ohhhh gorgeous!! You did an amazing job at training the slouch! Do give tips on how exactly you trained it to puddle so perfectly. I love that bag so much! I found one just like yours in pristine condition at a goodwill pay by the pound outlet, and sadly I sold her! It is a beauty, and for what they go for online, I cannot believe someone had donated it and it was overlooked for so long that it ended up at a by the pound gw!!! I really needed the money at the time, otherwise she would still be with me. Tbh, I want to buy it back

    I agree about the vinegar! I also use it in my laundry. My BF is a Ford mechanic, and he stinks up his work clothes. Between that and beach towels, the vinegar is a life saver!

  12. Thanks! When the duffle was drying, I had it open on a hanger outside. My husband said, "What's that? It looks like the thing to feed horses." Yes, hence, the 'feed sac' nickname. ;) Anyways, once dry, during the conditioning process, I hung it by the strap & just guided the curves where I wanted it to slouch to look & feel nice carrying it.

    And, oh, the bags that got away... I haven't sold but there are ones I didn't get & keep an eye out for. :smile:
  13. Just a thought about spores. Is there a chance to dry it up under the sun? I know it will affect the color but spores ( if any) will have no chance to reactivate.
    If you have nothing to lose.... May be you could just dye the bag in the shade you like?
  14. Aaand... We would love pictures! Pretty please!

  15. Well i have her hanging up and I've already karate chopped it down the middle to shape the top how I want it lol!! I definitely keep an eye out for those feedsack duffles these days. I like them a lot! I got this one to satisfy my need for a large duffle, but that feed sack takes the cake lol.