Not loving my new Amarante Vernis agenda

  1. darn!

    I really love the Amarante color, but the fingerprints on my agenda are really bugging me:tdown:.

    Sadly I think the pretty item is going back:crybaby::crybaby:
    I really wanted it to work out, but its just not working for me.
    thanks for letting me share my discontent...:crybaby:
  2. return it, return it, return it, exchange it, exchange it, exchange it (chants)
  3. return it darling
    life is too short to be unhappy with a LV hehe
  4. Yes, return it!! It would bug me, too!!
  5. yeah return it ... I bought a few things in amarante and sadly I did the same thing ... couldn't stand the fingerprints ...
  6. Awww.... I hope you find somthing else you like...

    *cough* Obsession sunglasses!!!! *end cough*
  7. Thats sux, I just ordered mine at LV on yesterday... I hope I dont hate it as well :sad:
  8. Return it or get another colour....I looked at the amarante agenda and wallets this weekend and they immediately had prints all over them..!
  9. Return it for something you will enjoy. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for your input -- It needs to go back.
    Seems like small leather good and item you handle alot in the Amarante Vernis are just too "fingerprint prone" for me.
  11. Since it's still "new", you can easily exchange it.......and you're lucky since there are alot of new ones coming out in the next few weeks !!
  12. Return it if you dont love it.
  13. The fingerprints would drive me crazy as well... return it, because it will bother you more and more everyday!
  14. Yes - is going.
    I'm sad the fingerprints are so much of an issue :sad:
    My indigo vernis is a darker vernis and it has never been a problem.
    Oh well, I'll find something else.
  15. I love that Amarante colour, but yah, it gets way too fingerprinty. I have a wallet in this which I am using and love, BUT I've had to just accept the smudges and prints. I was going to get a purse in Amarante, but am glad I didn't because on that I think the prints would have driven me nuts!